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Hand Element: Channel Lightning by tvlookplay

That is EPIC!!!!!!! I really liked how the lightning was coming out of his hand as if he is Zeus, the king of the Gods. He is showing h...


I'm Sorry

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 3:18 PM
  • Mood: Emotional

Today, I was jumping to conclusions on an artist. I hired someone to make a picture of Alexander for my story. An artist out of the blue started making good comments on my characters. He said that he found my character in a digital folder. I did not have it in a digital folder, it turned out my hired artist put that there. I thought he was going to steal my things when faving my chapters. I freaked out demanding to know how did you know me. When he told me how he found me, he regretted it. He like my story and now I scared him off. I was jumping into Conclusions. I did not mean to scare him. I really feel so bad that I am now crying with guilt. Please forgive me!!!!!!

I am sorry for jumping to conclusions!
The Last Battle

  In a room filled with glowing blood crystals, a tyrian purple reptilian man sat in his high throne engraved with gargoyles. His hands waved over a hovering holographic map of the Milky Way Galaxy. He laughed as shades of purple covered nearly all the map.

  Only Okma was highlighted in blue at this star system. He touched that star and an image of a planet flickered above the map. The planet had ships flying around like bees warning each other of danger.

  “Oh Spacers,” the man chuckled. “All your worlds are destroyed by my touch. Your corpses are disintegrated by my footsteps. You don’t stand a chance in the universe. Now, my Titan Empire has become my galaxy against your world. You will all perish.”

  A spiky armored-Titan entered the room. “Lord Seiton, my men are ready.”

  His throne creaked as Seiton turned to the soldier and smiled. “Excellent, activate the relay and set our course to Okma. It is time to finish off the Spacers.”

  “Yes, my lord,” the soldier bowed and hurried out of the room.

  Meanwhile, the last fleet of Spacer cruisers formed themselves a shield around their home world. They appeared as a set of three large blue glass spheres connected by gold rails on each side with wings. There, they waited in the atmosphere for their enemies to close in.

  Some distance away, a white speck appeared and spread outward into a vortex. Violet streams of electricity shot out as swarms of sharp corners emerged out of the void. The Titans' movements were sharp, precise, and cut through the defense wall and Spacer ships fell as a storm of shooting stars. The Titans mercilessly spread the full extent of their invasion upon the people of Okma. Fires burned across the land like wildfire, and even the oceans themselves were unable to escape.

    Gaion, the only remaining city, stood tall from this growing storm. The tallest tower in this last city quickly spread an orange force field as their attempt to hold back the ships' attack. To buy more time, the remaining Spacers activated their turrets. Blue beams pierced through the overhanging clouds of destruction. The first line of Titan cruisers disintegrated upon contact. Hundreds remained. Angered, they fired and the Spacer's shields wavered until it shattered like thin glass.

    Spacer soldiers ran out of the city just as it was destroyed. The Titan ships landed and their troops ran after them. The Spacers ran through the burning forest as the tall, grey-skinned Titans were gaining on them. These Spacers soldiers their rifles fired particle beams as they ran. Burning trees kept falling like dominoes making them slide under them.

    As the Spacers found themselves in a desert of ash, a few of them threw gamma grenades, which vaporized a couple rows of Titans. Many of the Titans retreated, having had their armor torn apart, revealing their glowing open wounds. Some hacked away burning trees with their swords with blades of electrical blades. A couple released either lightning bolts, or bolts of lightning from their hands and blasted a path out of the forest.

    As the Spacers fled, they caught a glimpse of half of an iron step pyramid. The Spacers were knocked down as Titan tanks plunged from the sky and smashed into the surface like meteorites. These resembled giant king crabs with eight high legs attached to a spherical body and two particle accelerator cannons as pincers. With agility and speed, the Spacers leaped onto them and tossed their last grenades into the accelerators. They jumped off and took cover just as the tanks exploded.

    The Spacers hidden in the bunker grabbed the ionic machine guns from the armory and aimed them out of the openings. On their scope, they spotted three of their comrades running to them with a wave of Titans behind them. Two of them opened the bunker and fired with their cosmic ray launchers. Then balls of lightning shot out of the weapons ripping enemy ships apart. The running Spacers sprinted to the open the vehicle entrance and pushed a button to seal themselves inside.

    In the bunker, the computer screens that covered the walls showed the planetary defense systems failing as more Titan ships kept entering Okma’s orbit from the open rift. The Spacers fleet had been destroyed along with the cities. Some soldiers loaded their weapons in a dark armory and ran to the windows to fire at the Titans. The others were at the back of the bunker repairing their tanks. These looked like blue, glowing fighter jets with bulky accelerators instead of wings.

    One of them, a Spacer, touched the back of his neck. The nanobots of his diamond armor released the latches. Steam hissed out of the opening. He lifted his helmet off. His snow white skin touched the air. Tattoos cyan icicles scarred the Spacer's neck and forehead. He revealed his pale face with purple flame tattoos on his cheeks. His hand passed the long white hair to touch his communicator implant in his ear.

    "Captain Carato,” he yelled through the firestorm. “Corporal Fedlo, here. We are pinned at north of the Atla Region."

    Captain Carato responded. "I'll contact Councilor Feidlima to get your men out of here. Once she finds you, follow her into the Ark. Hold the Titans off as long as you can."

    A woman dressed in a thin-skinned diamond suit awoke to find herself under a pile of burning metal scraps. She turned her head around to look for her helmet. She frowned as it was crushed to bits by the rubble. It was dark and so she closed her artificial eyes and her vision was changed to night vision.

    Water began to fill the air gap her head was in. To make matters worse, a tank opened hissing a vapor of green toxic gas. She coughed continuously as she began to suffocate. She held her breath and puts her hand into the water. The water got sucked into her suit. Mist shot out of that hand and sealed that leaking tank.

    She looked up and saw a small hole with a light beaming down to her. With all her strength regained, she pushed the rubble up and got up on her feet. She benched down and punched the hole to make it bigger. After she was able to climb out of the scraps, she found herself in the middle of Gaion, now just a mountain range of rubble.

    "Feidlima, are you there?" her communicator vibrated in her ear.

    She touched her ear, "Yes, Captain Carato. What's the situation?"

    Captain Carato said, "Most of us are at the Ark. Corporal Fedlo and his team are being bombarded at one of our bunkers. They want to get escorted to the Ark and they need you. Please!"

    "Give me the coordinates to the bunker," said Feidlima. Five seconds later, a holographic map projected out of her wrist. Looking at where she was to the bunker, she then absorbed all the water in the city. Sprinting through the burning forest, she began to put the fire out by spewing mist out of her palms.

    She got out of the other side of the forest and leaped to the top of a sand dune. There the Titans were firing at the Spacers' bunker with their tanks. Her eye implants zoomed in close to the bunker. As she looked, the cosmic launcher-wielding Spacers continued to fire at more approaching Titan fighter ships. More tanks flew down to the ground to blow up the bunker. One Titan fired his sniper and hit a couple of magazines of the Spacers’ machine guns, electrifying three Spacers to death. The soldiers regrouped and continued to fight.

    Finally, she ran up to the Titans' side of the battlefield and placed her hand on the ground. Blue mists spewed from the arm of her suit causing the opponent's side to transform into a frozen landscape. More Titans stepped onto the ice and crystallized into frozen sculptures.

    A few more Titans dived from their ships and she fired radiated ice bullets from her pistol at them. As the projectiles struck them, they froze and smashed into pieces as their bodies crashed to the surface. Other Titans charged at her and she pressed her hands firmly to the ground. Her hands glowed and she waved them around and aimed for the ground. Then stakes of ice pinned more of them. A couple of surviving Titans charged at her, but she impaled them with her ice blades from her arms.

    Fedlo and the others bowed to her as she entered the bunker. He said, "Councilor Feidlima, twenty-five of my soldiers died."

    "You did what you could," said Feidlima. "We must reach the Ark. Councilor Cade had his men hack the Titans' gates, sending every fleet of their ships into this region."

    Fedlo's eyes widened, finding this news nothing short of insane, "You transported them from across the galaxy to here? They will wipe us out."

    "If we don't activate the portal in time," she warned. "Now hurry!"

    Feidlima wanted the Titans to believe they killed every Spacer in there. Under her order, Fedlo rushed to the control panels and placed his hand on a red square for self-destruct. They exited through the back of the bunker and headed towards the Ark. As the bunker exploded, the Titans searched around looking for any survivors. Luckily, her forces were escorted out of the area.

    Columns of smoke rose from mountains of ash and dust as the Spacers passed by. Their vehicles skid from the ground’s shaking. Within minutes, they came upon a massive golden pyramid with engraved writings. The white tip brightened by the countdown for the Ark’s launch.

    Fedlo's men rushed out of the convoy and headed to the top while Feidlima stayed behind, freezing everything. Titan fighter ships locked their targets onto her. A male Spacer with a cannon shaped like a Van de Graaff generator shot them down.

    Feidlima ran up to him, "Thank you, Judus!"

    Judus grabbed her hand, "Come on!"

    Feidlima and Judus looked up and saw more waves of Titan ships coming out of the rift. The last Spacer fleet hovered above the Ark and then flew into its hangar. The rest of the Councilors-- Teutor, Cuno, and their leader Cade guarded the entrance at the top as they waited for them.

    Once everyone was together, they rushed inside just as the Titans closed in on them. The control room was constructed of glass and had five enormous columns. A narrow projector in the floor displayed a holographic image of their galaxy. Lights all over the room represented the cables.

    "This is it," said Cade. "Time to banish the Titans to Tartarus!"

    "Five of our transporting gates have been installed as engines for the Ark. These will get us out of this system as fast as possible," said Teutor. He punched in the codes at the side of the control panel in front of him.

    "Activate the portal, now!" Feidlima screamed in urgency.

    Five multicolored domes emerged from the panel before the council. Each Spacer touched the one before them. Immediately, hundreds of moon-sized panels circled around the stellar region to create a planet - encompassing ring which in turn created a vortex to swallow both the entire planet and Titan fleet.

    The Titans were caught off guard as the vortex was formed. They tried to fly away from the planet, but it began growing. Their open rift also fed on it making it grow faster. The Titans tried to give their ship all the power they had to warp themselves out of the system. But it was no use; the vortex swallowed them up faster than they could escape.

    The Spacers looked at their galaxy map for a new planet to resettle. Their planet was being pulled in by the vortex. They must leave if they didn’t want to be banished with the Titans. Cade touched a planet within the Navi system and everyone grabbed a hold of something as the Ark shook from the vibrating gates.

    The control panels split in half and a glowing white column emerged from between them. It flashed and beeped rhythmically, indicating that someone was trying to make contact. As they answered it, an image of Seiton, the leader of the Titans, appeared before them. His beastly eyes shone red with anger.

    "Spacers," Seiton snarled in disgust. "What have you done?"

    "We are banishing you from the galaxy!" Cade shouted.

    "Fools,” he warned. “Do you truly think you can so easily get rid of me?  I will be back before long. Soon, I will find the Source and recreate all in accordance to my own will!"

    Feidlima looked into his devilish eyes, clutched her own eyes, and fell to the floor. The implants within her temples allowed her to see anyone’s future while looking at their eyes. Cade touched the glowing column and the Spacer gates launched them out to safety. Seiton snarled as his transmission was ending, "I will return!"

    Cade and Teutor ran up to Feidlima just as the Ark started to spin. Nearly every Spacer was strapped against as the wall. The portals had enough force to propel the Ark away from the growing vortex. It was then shot away from the region and into the other side of the galaxy. The Titans were finally exiled.

    The last Spacers unstrapped themselves and looked out the window. After fighting across the galaxy for thousands of years, space was now quiet again. For others, it was their first time seeing a calm sea of stars. At long last, the Titans were finally exiled.

    The group got Feidlima to her feet. She opened her eyes and tears poured out of them like a fountain. She clutched her head as the implants radiated the pain from her temple. Teutor helped her to a bench as she tried to calm herself. Cade approached her and asked, "What happened?"

    Feidlima panted loudly, trying to regain her composure enough to answer. After a few moments she was calm enough to answer. "I looked into his eyes and saw our fate. I saw the future of us all."

    "The war is over," said Cuno. “Seiton will never return.”

    "No, Seiton will come back!" She cried and rubbed her eyes, as if trying to get rid of the vision.

    "Tell us more of this vision," said Cade.

    Feidlima wiped her eyes, "He will return and turn every piece of technology against our kin. Soon after, he will have access to the Source and recreate the universe."

    The Council looked at each other trying to figure out what they must do. Seiton’s banishment was the only way to end the war. Or so they thought.

    “Seiton is beyond insane!” Cuno shouted. “He and the Titans wiped out the Mechanoids and drove us to near extinction.”

    Judus turned to Feidlima, “What else did you see in the vision?”

    Feidlima continued, "I did see other worlds inhabited with a variety of intelligent beings...but we never interacted with any of them.”

    Cade took a minute to think. "My comrades, we have been raised by the Mechanoids to thrive in the galaxy with the Titans before Seiton. For thousands of years, generations have been fighting from planet to planet. We took our last stand and banished them. In Feidlima’s vision, she saw primitives with various powers and skills that would be very useful. If Seiton returns, we must have the primitives ready for him."

   "How?" Judus asked.

   Cade went on to explain. "We shall meet them face to face and cultivate them into civilization. Once their civilizations are established, their technology will grow to be as advanced as ours. With our guidance and their technological advancement, they will come together and assemble the most powerful legion the galaxy has ever seen. Then we will truly defeat the Titans."

   "What if we don't survive until then?" Feidlima asked, flustered with palpable concern.

   "We have to. Otherwise if we die, then they will all die."
Hybrid, Prologue: The Last Battle
This is a new prologue to the first Hybrid Story. My friend suggested I write a different prologue that started before Helen's Hospital Scene that way the readers will get a better idea of what the heck is going to happen next. What do you think?
The preview image was drawn by 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 Check her gallery if you want to. 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0.deviantart.…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Chapter 15:
A Risky Deal

    Alexander pushed a roasted panel off his chest. He rolled to his side and clutched his stomach as he moaned in pain. Bones snapped continuously as Howie got up and bend his back backwards. Alpha spun around to loosen his arms. Aoife lay with his face planted on the floor.

    “I can’t see!” Yuya yelled as his implants were fried in his eye sockets.

    Yuya crawled around to feel the floor. His fingertips touched Aoife hair. Realizing that she wasn’t moving, he touched around her neck to feel a pulse. He was able to breathe as the pulse was strong. Aoife twitched and slowly got her face off the floor.

    “Fuck, my nose!” she shouted and covered her nose.

    Vyla got up and ran to her. She asked, “Are you alright?”

    Aoife snapped, “No, I am not fucking alright! My nose is fucking bleeding!”

    “Let me take a look,” Vyla said as Aoife uncovered her nose.

    Blood was pouring out of the nose like a fountain. The nose even looked flattened. The area between her eyes was blacked as it was bruised. Aoife covered her face again as the pain radiated. She yelled, “Looks fucked, doesn’t it?!”

    “I would see what I could do,” Vyla said as she looked around to see if anyone else survived.

    Alexander got up and said, “Is everyone ok?”

    David yelled, “Help Alex!”

    Alexander ran up and David was pinned to the floor by a broken panel. David tried to get it off of him, but it would not budge. Alexander carefully lifted it and tossed it aside. He offered his hand and David grabbed it as he was pulled up from the floor.

    General Floundo yelled as he woke up halfway in the floor. Hortor and Vyla rushed to help out their general. His legs were crushed by the cables and hardwires that got disconnected. Alexander ripped the tiles around the general. Vyla and Hortor lifted him up and dragged him to the door.

    “General, we got to take a look at those legs,” Vyla said as she saw that his femurs looked disconnected. “Alex, where is the medical bay?”

    Alexander pulled Aoife up, “Follow me guys.”

    Howie helped Yuya get up as the crew headed to the medical bay. As they got there, the tools and medicine were scattered all over the floor. Tables got thrown through the windows and cabinets. Casters and Cobains inch around to make sure they don’t get pinched by the lying needles and scalpers. Seeing the bay a wreck, Alexander leaped to the back fearing that Colonel Chan’s life-support was pulled. Vyla followed him to check as well.

    Alexander placed his hand on his chest as he was relieved that his colonel’s life-support was still running and the colonel was still alive. With all of the destruction happening during their trek on this ship, Colonel Chan was surprising still alive. Alexander thought, this must be luck for them.

    “He’s still alive,” Alexander thought this could not be possible.

    “Yeah, that is for sure,” Vyla agreed.

    “We got to see if anyone else is still alive,” said Alexander.

    Vyla returned to help mend Aoife’s nose. The marines fixed a table for General Floundo to lay down as they scanned his legs with an x-ray machine. Others took precaution as they cleaned the bay up so they could treat each other’s injuries.

    Alexander and David sprint to the hanger. Warthogs and tanks flipped over. Hallways and walls burst into flames. Cobains rushed to put the fire out. Some other vehicles got blown up. Half of the ceiling collapsed. Most were wandering around with cuts and burns all over their limbs and faces. Alexander thought, could this be any worse?

    He then ran to the engineering station and he was right. One of the reactors exploded. Wires and cables hung from the ceiling burning like tree branches. Charred bodies laid everywhere on each floor. The room temperature was over a hundred degrees. Only a few managed to escape the station just as it was destroyed. Only two reactors remained intact for the thrusters. Yet they glowed red indicating they were beginning to shut down due to power failure.

    Tloc ran up to Alexander as he got out of the engineering and asked, “What do we do now?”

    Alexander overwhelmed by the destruction of his ship. He covered his temples and panics. He paced for a bit and said, “We have to get the ship on a planet.”

    Alpha hovered towards him, “I heard that we have to find a planet.”

    “Of course Alpha,” said Alexander. “What is the closet star system?”

    “I have just looked over the star map,” said Alpha. “We have just drifted to the outer rim of the Taya system. There are three planets that are habitable for us to land.”

    “Which one is closest to us?” Alexander asked as he looked over the power panels on the wall.

    “One planet in particular is 92,960,000 miles,” said Alpha. “We could make there in about twenty minutes, which would give us enough time to land before all power in the engines go off.”

    “Alright, you and Boudicca lock the coordinates to this planet,” said Alexander. “I’ll go see what the hell is also going on.”

    As Alexander began to return to the medical bay, his head raced as Cahan wanted to kill him because of a lie he was told. Alexander pleads him that Seiton tried to kill them with their technology. Yet, Cahan did not believe him nor knew who Seiton was. What kind of Spacers they were, he thought. How can they not know Seiton? Why was Cahan so stubborn? He wouldn’t even listen to Alexander. Why was this happening?

    He got in the medical and found the place much cleaner than before. The tools and scraps were picked up. They got the tables snapped back on the floor. Vyla and the Aquamaids helped the marines mend their wounds. Aoife had a huge bandage wrapped around her head, covering her nose. Alexander could see plugs in her nose stained with blood. She had to breathe with her mouth open.

    “Aoife, how are you holding up?” Alexander asked.

    “Not so good,” Aoife said as she sounded like she was suffering from a severe cold. “I can’t breathe through my bloody nose without shit coming out.”

    “But you will be ready for the next fight right?” he asked.

    “I am not letting one fucking bloody nose get in my way,” she said. “Even if I sounded so fucked.”

    Vyla came up to her after she helped the marines placed metal casts on General Floundo’s legs. She said, “Aoife, you have to keep that bandage on you for a while. I will change it when it needs to. But just to warn you, it may hurt.”

    “No worry,” said Aoife. “I have been as much shit as Alex.”

    Vyla nodded as she would remember that. She asked Alexander, “What now?”

    Alexander said, “We are now in the Taya system. I had Alpha fly this ship to a nearby planet where we would land.”

    “Is there a colony there?” she asked.

    “There should be,” said Alexander. “If we are lucky, we might find a relay to get back home.”

    “Alexander, may I have a word with you?” General Floundo called him from across the room.

    Alexander reached for his call and asked, “What is it?”

    General Floundo explained, “You are sending this crippled ship to a planet you don’t know. There may not be any colonies there. We would run out of supplies, which is a major problem for us Aquatics. We need to consume blood since it is our primary diet. Vyla took a look at the blood bank and there is only 10 quarts. Water is another issue. For 8 hours, we have to breathe through these apparatus with seawater. You got to find a way to either find more resources or conserve it.”

    “I first need to get this ship on the ground,” said Alexander. “I hope there is a colony. If there isn’t, then I would have my men hunt for animals and collect blood for you. It is not the traditional way, but at least it is better than nothing. I will have them land near a seacoast and we can collect seawater there.”

    “You’re right, it is better than nothing,” said General Floundo.

    Alexander added, “Alpha would probably find a relay if this planet has one. I would have Yuya create a distress beacon if we have to.”

    “Be careful, you might also attract Helbots or other enemies,” General Floundo warned.

    “It is bad enough having both the Spacers and Helbots as enemies,” said Alexander.

    Helen’s Bravery came upon the planet covered with rainforests and islands. Alexander looked through the window and this reminded him of Purelif before its surface was ravaged. They got into orbit and Alpha scanned around to find any sign of civilization. Yuya looked around to see if any Helbot or Spacer ship was nearby. At a piece of land that looked like Australia had the entire coastline covered what seemed to be cities. Alexander smiled believing they would finally get help.

    The ship flew through the atmosphere and released a stream of smoke. There was a grass covered plateau at the east side of this tropical coastline. They landed safely on it just when the ship lost engine power. Alexander was now eager to get out of the ship and search for help. They need more supplies and new parts for the ship.

    “We have landed, now let’s get on our warthogs and drive to the city,” said Alexander he headed out of the bridge.

    “Alex with all due respects, we are not sure who city it is,” said Howie. “We might run into Arthros or pirates or Helbots.”

    “Howie is right,” Yuya agreed. “We need to know who we are dealing with.”

    “If that would be the case, we must have this ship secured,” said Alexander. “We need people to stay here and guard it while my team is gone.”

    “I will be in charge with the security,” Hortor raised his hands.

    “You would?” Alexander asked as his former bully wanted to help out.

    Hortor said, “I need to help my men at any ways.”

    “Excellent Hortor,” Alexander smiled.

    He looked around to see who he would pick to be in his away team. “David, Vyla, and Howie, I would like you three to accompany me on this trip. Each of you has unique skills that would be very useful in case we run into any trouble.”

    “Count me in!” Howie smiled. “If we get into another fight, I want to use my mini-gun!”

    “I don’t want to start another fight,” said Alexander. “We are not driving into battle. We are going to negotiate and get more supplies. We might not to bring our battle suits, but bring firearms just in case.”

    Alexander took his starsuit off and puts a pistol in the back of his pants. Howie puts the mini-gun in the trunk of the warthog. Vyla grabbed a couple of pistols and puts them on the sides of her waist. David puts on his robe and hid his staff.

    They got on the warthog and Alexander drove them out of the hanger. Howie took out his binoculars and scoped on the city at the coast. Alexander found a gradual narrow slope and drove down. He hoped this wasn’t a Helbot base. They got down the plateau and drove through a ten foot tall corn field.

    “Look at this,” said Vyla. “This obviously isn’t be planted by Helbots.

    “There has to be farmers nearby who could help us,” said Alexander. “Let’s check this out.”

    Once they were out of the field, Alexander found a pickup truck with a tanned farmer wearing a hay hat. The farmer was tossing loads of corn into the trunk. Alexander drove up to him. The farmer dropped his box of corn as he was startled.

    “Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my cornfield?” the farmer shouted.

    “Calm down,” Alexander raised his hands up. “We are not here to cause problems.”

    “You soldiers have any idea where you are?” the farmer asked them as if they were a threat.

    “To be honest we have no idea,” said Alexander. “We came to this planet in hopes of getting supplies.”

    “You’re going to get nothing but trouble here!” the farmer shouted.

    “We are not here to cause problems here,” said Alexander.

    “That is not what Enrique the King would believe,” said the farmer.

    “Who?” Alexander asked.

    “How you cannot heard of him?” the farmer asked. “Enrique is the most powerful drug lord in the galaxy. He is so rich that he owns 10 star systems in this cluster. He not only owns this weed business, he owns others as well. Everybody from the World Republic is after him. You are in his home world after all. Anyone that isn’t part of his empire is going to get their asses beat.”

    “Alex, ask Alpha if he found that relay or not,” Vyla said feeling creeped out that they were in the drug lord’s home.

    Agreeing to Vyla, Alexander touched the ear phone, “Alpha, did you find a relay yet?”

    “No I have not,” said Alpha. “But you are safe; this planet does not belong to the Helbots.”

    “No this is still enemy territory,” said Alexander. “I’ll explain when I get back to the ship.”

    He looked over his team, “We’re heading back to the ship now!”

    Humming sounds blared throughout the jungle. Alexander looked up and two flying saucers hovered over the trees. These ships lowered down to the ground and armored soldiers slid off the ropes. A few were walking crustaceans carrying shotguns; others resembled dinosaurs lacking a tail. The rest of the group was humans in black leather wearing masks. They aimed their weapons at Alexander’s warthog.

    “Athros and Komodos,” Howie mumbled. “Charming.”

    An Arthro aimed his shotgun at Alexander, “Remove your weapons!”

    Alexander was aiming his pistol at him, “We’re not here to fight!”

    “Get out of the warthog and drop your weapons now!” the Arthro ordered.

    “You have to do what he says,” said David.

    “Fine, we’ll get out of the warthog and prove to you we are not here to fight,” Alexander said to the Arthro.

    “Hurry up!” the Arthro gestured with the shotgun.

    Alexander’s team got out of the warthog. Alexander showed them his pistol and placed it on the ground. His team did the same thing and raised their hands up.

    “Now that we removed our weapons,” said Alexander. “We want to talk. We need to gain supplies from your leader.”

    “We’re not going to negotiate that easily,” the Arthro snickered.

    Then the Arthro’s communicator shaped like a clam buzzed on his belt. He grumbled knowing that could be his boss. He opened his communicator and answered, “Yes boss, what is it?”

    “Who is interrupting my party?!” Enrique asked feeling irritated.

    “We caught a marine and other three strangers that seemed to also be soldiers,” said the Arthro. “Want me to kill them?”

    “No, bring them to me alive,” Enrique ordered.

    “Yes sir,” the Arthro nodded.

    The Arthro turned off his communicator and shouted, “You four in the ship now!”

    The mercenaries got behind Alexander’s team with guns in their hands. Alexander kept his hands up. The ship hovered down until it touched the ground. His team got on board and sat at the back of the ship. The mercenaries aimed their guns at them. The Arthro looked at them and grunted. The ship took off and hovered over the jungle towards the coastline.

    At the peak of a hill above the city was a three story mansion. The ship landed in front of the mansion and the mercenaries kicked Alexander’s team out. Then the ship took off leaving the groups to the mansion. The Arthro banged on the door and a Latino butler in a suit opened the door.

    “Si, can I help you?” the butler asked.

    “Enrique wants these intruders at his office immediately,” said the Arthro.

    “Follow me,” said the butler.

    They got inside the mansion and walked up the grand stairs. The butler took a peek of the great hall. It was dark and flooded with young women and men dancing and drinking. The music was blaring and a disco ball and spinning around.

    The butler said, “We have to go to another hallway into his office.”

    The mercenaries bumped Alexander’s team to move forward into a dark hall. There were men and women were kissing and flirting. They didn’t know those mercenaries passed by.

    The butler opened a door and they were in Enrique’s office. As Alexander looked around, there were ivory statues of nude women at each corner. His chair was made of gold and his desk was tinted silver. Ferns were scattered over the ceiling. Artifacts from various star systems were puts on display.

    The butler dragged four chairs into the office and the Arthro ordered Alexander’s team to sit down. Alexander turned to his left and that side of the office was a huge window with a sliding door to a pool. The pool had women splashing around, throwing balls around, and swimming. Other servants were offering drinks and food to other women who were sunbathing. The butler went outside and walked to the far side of the pool. There were a group of giant ferns orchid bushes surrounded a hot tub filled with naked women and a man.

    When the butler told his master about the intruders, the man said that he would come back shortly and grabbed a golden bathrobe. The butler followed him back into the office and finally met Alexander’s team. The man appeared as a Spanish man in his late thirties. He grabbed a towel and rubbed it against his short black hair. When his hair was dried, he rubbed his five o'clock shadow as he walked around to inspect them. He ordered his butler sealed the window.

    “So, you have dared to land on my planet uninvited and interrupt of my weekly fiestas,” said the man as he retreated to his chair.

    “You must be Enrique the King,” said Alexander.

    “I didn’t tell you to speak yet!” Enrique snapped and calmed down for a bit. “Now, as I was saying. You soldiers got the nerve to arrive on my planet. For what? Trying to take down this king of the Universe?”

    No one answered. He snickered, “What makes you think coming to my home and ruining my afternoon?”

    “We were not trying to,” said Alexander. “In fact, we are not here to arrest you.”

    “What are you doing here then?” Enrique asked. “Your men seemed to be well equipped for a battle. Want do you want with me? Do you really want to have a fight with me?”

    “No,” said Alexander.

    “No?” Enrique thought this was not what he would hear from these soldiers. “What are you doing here then?”

    “We have been attacked by the Helbots and my ship was severely damaged,” said Alexander. “We came to this planet in hopes of finding supplies, weapons, and more parts to repair the engines of my ship. None of us knew this was your planet and I’m sorry.”

    Enrique looked at him for a more inspection. He said, “You are not really a human, are you? Yet, you reminded me of someone who bumped into me eleven years ago. Your hair and eyes, you totally remind me of that Albino man who called himself Fabocusa.”

    Alexander raised his eyebrows as he heard the name of his father. Enrique paused, “You know him.”

    “He is my father,” said Alexander. “We have been trying to find him as we got attacked by the Helbots. Why was he here?”

    Enrique continued, “Well like what you did, he too interrupted my fiesta. He had no idea what planet this was. He came here because he apparently was looking for you. Damn, he looked crazy. I had my men hunt him down and yet he disappeared god knows where. He pissed me off because he burned off my treasure of harvest as he stole a few of my artifacts. God, I hated that man. And you remind me of him.”

    Alexander said, “Well, I am not here to steal or arrest you. All I want is supplies and spare engines for my ship. I promise you that is all I want. Now, will you please let us go?”

    “Not yet,” said Enrique. He puts his index finger on his lips while thinking. Then he asked, “What do you know of diamonds?”

    “Excuse me?” Alexander asked. “What does that have to do with letting us go?”

    Enrique explained, “As you got in my mansion, I was starting to have a perfect hour in my tub with two beautiful girls waiting for me. One girl in particular has been begging me for a month to get her a pound of hope diamonds. Do you know what those are?”

    “Yes,” said Alexander. “Hope diamonds are the rarest types of diamonds. They are 46 carat deep blue because of the bondage of boron within the crystal structure and release red phosphorescence after being exposure to ultraviolet radiation.”

    “Very good,” Enrique chuckled. “They are so rare; you can’t even buy them anywhere. There is one planet where these diamonds can be harvested. Now, I want these diamonds to make my women happy.”

    “And you want us to get them for you?” Alexander asked.

    “Si!” Enrique smiled. “But I can assure you, many who have tried to harvest them failed to their deaths. These diamonds are on Magmars, the most violent planet in the galaxy.”

    “Why is it violent?” Alexander asked.

    Enrique said, “I’ll give you a hint, it is 3,000 years old.”

    He typed a few keys on his laser board on his desk and an image of the planet appeared. Magmars looked like a ball of molten rock the size of Saturn. The crust constantly breaks appear and lava overflows. Volcanoes spewed ash, smoke, and gasses into a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Meteors kept crashing into the surface leaving craters for the lava to flow in. Alexander understood why it was the most violent planet, because it was young.

    Enrique said as he showed them this planet, “This planet is rich with hope diamonds. Getting to them is the hard part. Many people who I hired lost their lives as soon as they landed on the planet. You can walk on its’ surface, just watch where you step. One mistake and you will be roasted like a chicken.”

    “How much do you need?” Alexander asked nervously.

    “I just only 500 million pounds of these beautiful diamonds,” Enrique smiled.

    Alexander’s jaw dropped thinking this crazy drug lord want his team to go into a hell planet and collect all those diamonds. Going to a planet where they would die. And if he refused, then they would not get the supplies they need to get Helen’s Bravery back into space.

    Enrique said, “You harvest 500 million pounds of diamonds and you get the supplies you need.”

    Alexander believed he had no choice. There was no other option to get those supplies. Enrique reached his hand for him, “Do we have a deal?”

    Alexander hesitated and shook his hand, “Deal.”
Hybrid 3, Chapter 15: A Risky Deal
Alexander lands on a planet home to a drug lord. Helen's Bravery is so damaged that it could not fly to other planets. Alexander wanted this drug lord to give him supplies. But he made a risky deal with him. The drug lord want him to harvest diamonds on a planet filled with volcanoes and opening crust with lava. He has to get these diamonds without getting killed. Enjoy!

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Chapter 12: Hybrid 3, Chapter 12: Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 13: Hybrid 3, Chapter 13: Reconnect?
Chapter 14: Hybrid 3, Chapter 14: Chase in the Newborn Star
Chapter 15: Reading
Chapter 16: Coming Soon


Brendan Clement
United States
Hey everyone! I am Brendan also known as Bclement117. I am a science fiction writer writing my own science fiction novel called Hybrid. I have been working on this story for such a long time. I have been bringing this story to life by writing it and posting these chapters to this website. After I finish writing this book, I will publish it and write more books in this series. This is for all you fans that love sci fi and fantasy. Please feel free to read the first chapters of my novel. I am open to any comments and suggestions! Enjoy!

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