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Hand Element: Channel Lightning by tvlookplay

That is EPIC!!!!!!! I really liked how the lightning was coming out of his hand as if he is Zeus, the king of the Gods. He is showing h...


     I am a big fan of both Star Wars and Starcraft. I know a lot about Darth Vader and Sarah Kerrigan. But I am not sure who would win.

     Darth Vader was once a Jedi until he turned into the dark side in episode 3. He had a bad fight with Obiwan and burned to near death. His master Palpatine rebuild his body and Vader had become a cyborg with the force. He is born with the high level of the force and can move, break, and change anything with the force. He uses the force for lightning strikes, pushing, leaping, ripping people or objects apart, and choke people. He has a red lightsaber to slice anything.

     Sarah Kerrigan was a psychic experimental human that was a ghost soldier in Starcraft. She was captured by the Zerg and was turned into the Queen of Blades. She has super speed, leap high, lightning strikes, claws and wings to tear apart anything, destroy anyone's brain with her mind, use Psionic Storm, Psionic Blast, use telekinesis to move and destroy any object, and regenerate her limbs and wings.

     I want to write a death battle fanfiction of Sarah Kerrigan fighting Darth Vader. I really want to know from you guys who would win. Who would win in this fight and why?
Chapter 31:
The Garden of Eden

March 5th, 2361

    Alpha hovered to Alexander’s door and knocked. Alexander and Vyla literally jumped as they were wakened by the knocking. They were still naked. Vyla covered herself in a blanket in case Alpha comes in. Alexander brightened the room as he reached for the light switch.

    “Alexander,” Alpha called through the door. “Your door is locked. Is everything alright?”

    “Yeah, everything is fine,” Alexander said as he tried. “What is it?”

    Alpha said, “Everyone is ready.”

    Alexander fell silent for a moment as he sat at the side of the bed. It was time for them to go to the Garden of Eden and stop Cahan. The Spacers and Helbots would all be gathering to use that artifact to destroy them. He started to feel nervous, unsure if he was ready.

    Alexander sighed, “I’ll be right there.”

    “Very well,” Alpha said and hovered away.

    Vyla got out of the bed and pulled her jumpsuit back on. Alexander put his pants back on. She put her arms into the sleeves as she was looking at the window. Alexander stood beside her.

    “Alex, you’re ready right?” she asked.

    “I don’t have a choice,” said Alexander.

    He looked at Vyla and they both took a moment to look at each other. They embraced and shared another kiss. He held her for as long he needed.

    “It’s time,” said Alexander.

    “Yeah,” Vyla agreed as Alexander put his shirt back on and they left his quarters.


    He hurried into the engineering station as his starsuit was being repaired. They tore it apart as they were trying to save his life. The suit took heavy damage when he was fighting Cahan’s Spacers. He thought would it be still be ok to use. He even thought of wearing a marine suit if the starsuit it too damage.

    In the engineering station, Yuya attached computer gadgets into Alexander’s helmet. Moses used laser saws to cut apart Helbot armor and attached it to the starsuit hovering above a circular platform. The original outer armor had been burnt to a crisp, which made it difficult to repair. Large cylinders of green-blue nanobot ooze stood at the side of the starsuit. Once Moses was finished replacing the armor, he attached many tubes into the sides of the suit and ooze started filling the layers.

    Alexander and Vyla came in and Moses greeted them. “Alexander, Yuya and I have just finished rebuilding your starsuit.”

    “Excellent,” Alexander said and looked at it. “Wow, you did a lot of changes to the armor. This is Helbot armor?”

    “That is correct,” said Moses. “I removed any implants and gadgets so Seiton wouldn’t have control over it. I kept the original design of the suit, just only changed the armor material. I was able to save some of the nanobots and replicate them.”

    The nanobots had been inserted into the suit and it was lowered into the floor. Then the back of the suit opened wide for Alexander to go in.

    “Moses you did more than just change the armor,” said Alexander feeling suspicious.

    Moses added, “The Index is not in place. Originally if you remove the Index from the starsuit, the armor material rearranges to make the suit fold-able. Now it opens the back while keeping the same structure. You will also know some other modifications as well.”

    “You did this all night?” Alexander asked.

    “With Yuya’s help of course,” Moses nodded.

    Alexander cautiously stepped his foot into the suit and then put another foot in. Yuya offered him the Index as he got his arms in. As the Index was in place, the back zipped up on its own. He began to move his arms and legs around as he was trying out his new suit.

    Moses added, “You could still communicate and move the same way as you could with the original starsuit. I have also added projectile wings.”

    Alexander raised his eyebrows. “Projectiles wings?”

    Moses nodded, “There is a button on your left wrist to push while you take off.”

    Alexander pushed the button and white wings grew out of the back of the suit. He was lifted off the ground by surprise. Everyone backed away as he was flying up the ceiling. He pushed the button again and he landed back on the floor.

    “This is cool!” Alexander smiled.

    Moses said, “I must warn you. You could only with those wings for 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes is up, you will have to wait 15 minutes for the suit to charge up and use the wings again.”

    “Got it,” said Alexander and grabbed his helmet. “Is everyone ready?”

    Everyone nodded. “Ok, it is time.”

    Alexander headed to the bridge as Vyla, Moses, and Yuya followed him from behind. When they got there, David stood next to the controls and greeted him. Aoife and Howie held their miniguns as they were ready for battle. Alpha hovered to him and awed by his new starsuit.

    “Alexander, that is a nice suit you got there,” said Alpha.

    “Thanks,” said Alexander. “Now I would be able to fight the Helbots with this.”

    “Alex, you have a huge bite on your neck,” said Aoife.

    Alexander forgot that he had the bite mark Vyla made when they were making love. “My suit doesn’t cover it.”

    “Only when you put your helmet on,” said Alpha.

    “Right,” said Alexander.

    Aoife asked, “How did you get that bite?”

    “It’s a long story,” Alexander said. “Anyway, it is time for use to head to the Ras Alhague system. We’ll go through a Spacer gate close by. Once we get to that system, turn our invisibility cloak on and fly into that Garden’s portal. Is that clear?”

    “Yes sir,” said his crew.

    “Alright, let’s do this!” Alexander shouted.


    Helen’s Bravery flew out of Lynx’s orbit and then the Chéseaux system. An hour later, they got into the deep regions of the Messier 14. The ship hauled as Alexander spotted a long train of Helbot ships flying into a moon. The invisibility cloak was activated and the ship flew closer to the train.

    “Remember, don’t let the ship touch them,” Alexander said to Boudicca.

    “Got it,” Boudicca nodded.

    The ship was now under one of the ships, nearly touching it. They flew in the same speed as the train. Everyone fell silent as they try to not to get the Helbots’ attention. Alexander looked through the window as they approach that satellite. The gate in the satellite would take them to the Garden of Eden in according to his plan.

    They went through the ring and found themselves at another region of space. Alexander thought this gate didn’t have a tunnel to travel through. The ships were in an unknown region of space with hazy red background and slowly fading stars being consumed by five super blackholes.

    They flew down and saw a massive large artificial structure shaped like a flower with Earth-like environments on each petal. Helbot and Spacer ships circle above the structure’s atmosphere. Helen’s Bravery flew away from the train and got closer to the structure.

    Alpha said, “So this is the Garden of Eden.”

    “This artificial space station has an Earth-like atmosphere?” Alexander asked thinking this would be an illusion.

    Alpha explained, “We know that the Garden of Eden is a Mechanoid structure used to create planets. Cahan and the Spacers want to use it as a weapon. The Mechanoids must have used this structure to create terrestrial landscapes as they try to create the planets. The surface contains 50% granite bedrock, 30% sedimentary deposits, and 20% organic soil. There is 55% vegetation and 45% ocean. Its atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, and 0.1% trace gases, just like Earth. The Garden doesn’t have a glass dome to keep the atmosphere in place.”

    “Wow that is incredible!” Aoife shouted.

    “Now all we need to know is how exactly they are going to use it,” said Alexander.

    “We need to land at an area away from the Helbot activity,” said Alpha.

    “Got that,” said Alexander. “Boudicca, head this ship east to the clearing down that valley below us. We must stay hidden if we don’t want to be detected.”

    The ship flew through the structure’s atmosphere. The sky turned blue as they passed a few clouds. Mountains were covered with lush vegetation. Dark rain clouds were trapped by the peaks and unleashed rain. Their ship went through the rain clouds and the weather went from sunny to rainy. They hovered over the canopy of the jungle and dove down the slopes. As soon as they were down the valley, they hovered over an open field and landed.

    “Yuya, see if you could call General McKinley and O’Reilly,” said Alexander.

    Yuya typed the numbers on the communication panel and turned the antennae to get a clear signal. He pushed the talk button below the speakers. But the signal was static. He said to Alexander, “I can’t a clear signal.”

    “Keep adjusting while I am making the call,” said Alexander. “General McKinley and O’Reilly, this is Alexander McAuliffe of Helen’s Bravery. We have landed on the Garden of Eden. Do you copy?”

    The signal was too static to get a response. Yuya said, “It’s no use, we are too far to make contact with them.”

    Alexander asked, “Alpha, do you know exactly where we are according to the galaxy map?”

    Alpha scanned through the window and hovered into the galaxy map. “According to this, we are located at the galactic core, exactly at the very center.”

    “That explains those blackholes we have just passed,” said Aoife. “Those Mechanoids must have built that portal so we won’t get sucked in.”

    “That makes sense,” said Alpha. “The Garden of Eden is surrounded by them. Their gravitational pulls hold it in place. It is probably getting some matter and energy from them.”

    “The black holes must be blocking our signals,” said Yuya.

    Alexander said, “If we can’t communicate with the outer star systems, why don’t we try receiving signals from the Helbots without talking to them?”

    “Would that interfere with the cloak?” Yuya asked Alpha.

    “It shouldn’t,” said Moses.

    Yuya aimed the antenna down the valley and adjusted the frequency. Then he picked up a signal and adjusted to get a clearer sound. That voice was Cahan talking with the Helbots. He snarled,

    “Fabocusa had run off! He must be still working with those insects! He’s going to the library to retrieve the codex. We head to the library and stop him!”

    Alpha said, “Fabocusa is at the library.”

    “Where is it?” Alexander asked.

    “I don’t know,” said Alpha.

    Moses suggested, “If we know where the Helbots are, we can follow them without being detected.”

    Alexander asked, “Why can’t my father call us?”

    “He doesn’t want them to know we are here,” said Moses. “It is better to stay hidden until we get reinforcements.”

    Yuya said while looking at the radar. “Alex, Helbot forces are moving up to the edge of the petal left of us. These petals are each connected by cylindrical tubes. Do we have to take the ship off and fly there?”

    Then Alpha said, “I scanned more of the terrain and found what could be a teleportation platform about ten miles from us. Each petal of the Garden of Eden has one.”

    Alexander said, “Ok people, listen up. We will head to that platform and see if it is a teleportation device. If it is, we’ll use that to head to that petal with the library. We’ll go behind the Helbots and sabotaged them quietly. Remember we must stay hidden unless things go wrong. Is that clear?”

    “Yes sir,” everyone saluted.

    “Excellent,” Alexander nodded. “Get the warthogs and tanks ready. It’s time to stop this!”
Hybrid 3, Chapter 31: The Garden of Eden
Alexander and the resistance flew to the portal and discover the Garden of Eden. Now they must find a library and rescue Fabocusa before the Spacers and Helbots do. Enjoy!

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Last month, I have discovered a kick ass metal band called Amaranthe. They are a Swedish metal band that uses rock, pop, and heavy metal at the same time and it sounds freaking awesome! They have three singers including my now favorite female singer, Elize Ryd. I love her voice! I have spent weeks listening to their songs and I am now obsess. I can't go skiing down the mountain without listening to them on my MP3 player hooked into my ski helmet. I listened to three of their albums and watched with music videos. Now, I want to see them live.

But there is a problem, they have no concert plans to go to US this year. They had their American tour last year and I never heard of them until last month! The closest concert to go and see them is London, which is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. I am now upset because they are not coming to the US this year. I am dying to go see them!

30.01.2015 - Konserthuset Klubbscenen - Västerås, Sweden
31.01.2015 - Radio Rock Cruise - Helsinki, Finland
10.02.2015 - Rock Café - Tallinn, Estonia
11.02.2015 - Pakkahuone - Tampere, Finland
12.02.2015 - Lutakko - Jyväskylä, Finland
13.02.2015 - Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjokki, Finland
14.02.2015 - The Circus - Helsinki, Finland
15.02.2015 - Klubi - Turku, Finland
27.02.2015 - Folkets Park - Huskvarna, Sweden
10.03.2015 - Doornroosje - Nijmegen, Netherlands
11.03.2015 - Rockfabrik - Ludwigsburg, Germany
13.03.2015 - Grünspan - Hamburg, Germany
14.03.2015 - Zeche - Bochum, Germany
15.03.2015 - Biebob - Vosselaar, Belgium
17.03.2015 - O2 Academy Islington - London, United Kingdom
18.03.2015 - Warehouse 23 - Wakefield, UK
19.03.2015 - ABC2 - Glasgow, United Kingdom
20.03.2015 - Academy 3 - Manchester, UK
21.03.2015 - Rescue Rooms - Nottingham, United Kingdom
22.03.2015 - The Marble Factory - Bristol, United Kingdom
24.03.2015 - La Machine - Paris, France
25.03.2015 - Le Marche Gare - Lyon, France
27.03.2015 - Rock Star - Bilbao, Spain
28.03.2015 - Copernico - Madrid, Spain
29.03.2015 - Razzmatazz 2 - Barcelona, Spain
31.03.2015 - Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
01.04.2015 - Backstage - Munich, Germany
02.04.2015 - Live Club - Milano, Italy
03.04.2015 - Explosiv - Graz, Austria
04.04.2015 - Szene - Vienna, Austria
05.04.2015 - Club 202 - Budapest, Hungary
08.04.2015 - Fabryka - Krakow, Poland
09.04.2015 - Proxima - Warszaw, Poland
02.05.2015 - Republic Club - Minsk, Belarus
18.06.2015 - Nummirock - Kauhajoki, Finland
03.07.2015 - Peace and Love festival - Borlänge, Sweden


Listening to two albums of Amaranthe + Skiing down the mountain + Skied on new trails + Not injuring myself while skiing + Sunny day x 5 hours of skiing = BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Chapter 25:
Adam's Discovery

April 9, 2348

    A farmer with dark skin in his early forties woke up one morning to plant some seeds at a corner section of his sugar plantation. He walked across the plantation to the shed where his tools were stored. He got to his shed, and stood up his wheel burrow, and filled it with seeds. He sang a song as he started plowing. When he got into the corner of the plantation, he plowed to the rhythm of his song all the way to the end of the first row.

     As he plowed, he struck something that was very hard in the soil. He dropped his plow and tried to uncover what he had hit. He thought he must have hit a rock or a pipe. As he took a good look at what he hit, it was clear-blue. He traced the edge of the object around with his hands and it turned out to be a foot in diameter. By blowing dirt off the object and scrapping it around, he found that this object looked like a giant diamond.

    His eyes wide open and he jumped, "I am rich! I am rich!" Finding what seemed to be a diamond made it the best day of his life. All he had to do was was pick the rock up and take it to a diamond store for an exchange of cash.

     He tried to pick up the object, but it felt very heavy. Using all of his strength to pick it up, it would not budge. So then he dug deeper into the soil and found that it was connected to some kind of metal pipe. The metal pipe had a shiny luster and it looked as though it was some kind of artifact. At first, the farmer didn't know what to do to get that precious object off that metal pipe. Then he went back into the house to contact Alice who was also a friend of his.

     He picked up the earphone and said, "Calling for Alice McAuliffe."

     He waited until Alice answered, "Hello."

     "Alice, my good friend," the Farmer greeted with an Ethiopian accent.

     "Adam Monroe? what is going on?" Alice asked.

     "I was trying to grow the rest of my crops, but I bumped into a foot-wide diamond buried in my soil," Adam said.

     "A diamond?! You got to be shitting."

     "I am serious! I made sure by hitting it with different tools and never left a scratch. But it is stuck on some kind of metal pipe."

     "A metal pipe? Was someone living at that area before it became a plantation?"

     "No. I really don't know how far the base of the metal pipe goes and I really need your help to come and check it out."

     "Alright, I will be there."

     Alice hung up the earphone and headed to her hovercraft. Alexander was already at high school so he couldn't come to investigate. She needed to see it first and then had Alexander and Alpha to check it out later.

    She arrived at the plantation where Adam waited for her. He waved to her as she got out of the hovercraft.

     "Hey Adam," said Alice.

     "Hello," Adam smiled. "I am so glad that you came."

     "Where exactly is this diamond?"

     "At the left corner of my plantation, please come with me!"

    When Alice followed Adam to the dig site, she could see that Adam dug a lot around the diamond with the metal pipe exposed. Alice was amazed to see that diamond. She wondered how and why that diamond was on that metal pipe.  

     "Do you have any idea what is going on?" Adam asked. "No one has ever lived here before I moved here."

     "I really don't know," Alice was still surprised. "You better contact the Smithsonian 51 about this. I think you may have uncovered an extra-terrestrial artifact."

     "An artifact? From whom?" Adam asked.

     Alice was not sure who would put that there, either the Spacers or the Titans put it there. So far they do not know how big the artifact was, what structure, or how far deep they had to dig to find out.

     "I would think from an unknown alien life form that we have not discovered yet," said Alice.

     "This is going to hit the news all over Purelif and the rest of the Republic!" Adam was excited.

     "You got lucky!"

     "There is so much to do! What should I do?"

     "Well for starters, I would donate some of the money to your community or help the Cobains regain their home."

     "Of course! Everyone deserves a fair share!"

     "Right on! I should probably let my friends know about it."

     "Please do! Everyone must come and see it!"


     Alice left to go back to her house to let Alpha know what they found. Alpha would know more about that artifact than she and Adam. She needed to know if the artifact was made by the Titans or the Spacers. She got to the living room and saw Alpha scrolling through the internet looking at every scientific journal.

     "Alpha! My friend and I found some kind of artifact in his sugar plantation," said Alice.

     "An artifact?" Alpha asked.

     "Yes, at least that is what I think," said Alice. "There is a large diamond on top of some kind of metal pipe. We did not dig down deep because we don't know how far down we have to go. Maybe you could help us find out what it is."

     "I am not quite sure what it is," said Alpha. "It must be excavated before I could tell you what it is."

     "Right then," Alice was excited. "It will soon be on the News and this story would be widespread all over the Republic."

     "Alexander should know about this as soon as he is home," said Alpha.

     "Then we will wait until he is home," Alice agreed.

     Alexander was at the high school's library reading a thick encyclopedia book about aquatic life in the Milky Way. He scanned each page for about five seconds and automatically learned about each page. He flipped each page until he came upon a section on aquatic primates of Coralla, home world of the Aquamaids.

     In this book, there were many different aquatic primates living at Coralla. It showed three major groups of those creatures. The first group were the Flipperkeys. They lived in coral reefs and tidal regions of the planet, burrowed in sands, fed on critters that lived around the ocean bed, and had limbs like frogs. The second group were the Bedleaperians, which could leap through the air or swim in the water or walk along the ocean bed. They looked like aquatic versions of chimps, banoboos, gorillas, and orangutans. And the third group were the Whalmanoids, which spent most of their lives swimming in the open waters or sometimes dwelling in the shallow zones. The Aquamaids were considered to be members of the Whalmanoid family. Alexander found this very fascinating. He thought it would be good to write for his research paper.

     He found another book about the evolution of Aquamaids and thought it could be another great reference to use. As he took the book off the shelf, Vyla took a book off the shelf at the same time and their eyes met.

     "Hey," Vyla giggled.

     "Hey," Alexander smiled.

     "What are you doing?" she asked.

     "Well, I found some references to write a research paper about the primates of Coralla," he said. "It should not take long to write."

     "Well I am doing a research on the diversity of bacteria on Saturn's moon Titan," she said. "Ever heard of it?"

     "Yeah," he said. "Titan is the only moon in the Solar System with an atmosphere of methane along with lakes of liquid methane. A space probe called the Columbus 56 took a sample of the soil and found about thirty six billion species of bacteria."

     Vyla chuckled, "I could use you as a reference."

     Alexander smiled, "Maybe you could."

     Vyla looked at the digital clock, "Oh gods! It is almost two o clock! I have to get ready for my lacrosse practice!"

     "How come your team have to get out of school earlier than everyone else?" he asked.

     "Don't ask me," she sounded stressed. "I constantly miss material in my galactic geography class and I had to ask random classmates for notes and assignments."

     "I can do that for you," he smiled. "I only have study hall."

     "Really?!" she smiled. "You are the best ever! I have to go now, but thank you so much!"

     "No problem," he said as he was waving to her goodbye.

     Alexander got his references that he needed to do his research paper and headed out of the library. After he got her notes from her class, He headed out to his locker as school was over for the day. He then overheard the basketball boys talking cocky stuff about one of the high school girls.

     "Man that girl is fucking hot!" said a tall hefty boy with tanned skin.

     "I know right! God, Aquamaid girls are born super hot!" said a Latino boy with a short mohawk. "They have the best sets of titties."

     "Especially Vyla," said the tallest of the three with a smile. Everyone called the Flash because he was the fastest Human in the basketball league. That name got Alexander's attention and found out that those guys were up to nothing but trouble. This made him feel concern about his best friend.

     "Every time I see her walk by, I get a boner," the Flash said.

    His friends laughed and gave him high fives, but Alexander felt disgusted. Then he thought about how his mother was tortured by her masters and men. He didn't want his best friend to follow that same fate.

     "Dude, I want to get some of her first," said the Latino boy.

     "No, she wants me first," said the tanned boy.

     "Dude, how the fuck do you know? She'll get me!" argued the Latino boy.

     "Guys, there is a thing we call sharing," said the Flash. His friends knew what he meant and they pounded fists at each other. The more they kept talking crazy things to do to her, the more Alexander's blood boiled.

     He continued with hand gestures, "I will get her first and then you guys. When we go to the bed, I will first go for her large tits and fuck her so good!"

     His friends cheered, but Alexander erupted. He sped to the other side of the hallway, grabbed the Flash, and slammed him hard against the lockers as if he was in a cage match. He got into the Flash's face and roared, "HOW DARE YOU SAY THOSE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO TO MY BEST FRIEND! SHE WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT!"

     The two other boys came up behind him. One of them shouted, "Chill out! Let the Flash go!"

     "Fuck off, assholes!" Alexander snarled.

     He then turned to the Flash and yelled, "My mother was abused because assholes like you messed around with girls! Vyla will never fall for any of you guys! You should show respect to her and everyone else, understand?!"

     The Flash didn't say anything. Then Alexander heard something dripping down to the floor. He looked down and realized that the Flash had peed in fear.

     He lets go of him and asked angrily, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

     The Flash still in shock whimpered, "I am sorry."

    He barked, "Now get out of here!"

     The three boys then ran off hoping to not see him again. Alexander regretted that he snapped at those basketball players. He felt that he should have done a different approach. But his family's past still haunted him. He vowed never to let the past control his actions like that again.

    Tak came up to him to try to talk to him. He placed his hand on Alexander's shoulder and asked, "Are you ok?"

    "No," Alexander said quietly. "The Flash and his buddies wanted to mess with Vyla because I believe they see her as a sex toy."

    "Don't worry, that is my job to look after everyone I love," said Tak. "Don't let them get to you."

    "It sicks that I am the only Human/Spacer hybrid alive," Alexander grumbled.

    "Just relax and think about anything that makes you happy things while heading back home," said Tak. "Can you do that for me?"

    Alexander nodded and headed back home. He got out of the hover bus, thankful to be home with Alice and Alpha. He got into the house and greeted Alice.

     "Hey Alice!" he smiled.

     "Hey Alex!" she greeted back and they hugged.

     "How are you?" he asked.

     "Should I ask you that question as soon as you come home?" she asked.

     "Of course, I am doing fine," he said. "How are you?"

     "Great! You are not going to believe this, my friend Adam found a diamond connected to some sort of extra-terrestrial artifact that was buried in his sugar plantations."

     "An artifact? How do we know it is an artifact?"

     "The metal that the diamond is connected to looked as if it was fused and altered into the pipe. Right now they are digging it up right now. It has been on the news all day!"

     Then the image of John Gibson appeared to present the news.

     "Good afternoon, this is John Gibson reporting. Earlier this morning, A Ethiopian farmer named Adam Monroe started plowing his crops when he realized that he just dug up an artifact possibly made by an extra-terrestrial race. Nicole Barnes has more on the story."

     An image of Nicole Barnes in Adam's sugar plantation appeared and said, "Thank you John. As we took a good look at the diamond, it was fused against some kind of metal pipe. Before Adam set his plantation here, no one was living at that stop so we think. He and his friends suggested that this was made from an unknown origin. Scientists from the Smithsonian 51 arrived to investigate and decided that Adam's plantation should become an excavation site if they want to know what it really is. Fortunately, Adam does not have a problem letting it become a dig site because he hopes that it will give him fortune."

     Images of hover bulldozers and hover trucks with plows connected passed by the reporter. Then Adam's image appeared on the screen with this reporter.

     She asked him, "Sir, as you are given fortune for finding this mysterious artifact, what will you be doing now?"

     Adam smiled and said, "I want to use my fortune to build a happier community for everyone and build better homes for the Cobains."

     "That sounds like a wonderful idea Adam!" the reporter smiled. "I hope it works out for you."

     "Thank you, dear friend," he thanked.

     "Anytime!" she waved. "Right now, they are digging up the artifact and the scientists will examine and tell us what it is later tomorrow. John, back to you."

     John's image reappeared and said, "Thank you, Nicole! If you want to learn more about Adam's discovery go to our website and look for it at our highlights for today. When we come back, we will show you how to make a better kitchen out of recycled metal and plastic."

     Alexander was surprised to hear about this discovery that her friend made. The artifact could help him understand more about the Spacers that was if it was made by them.

     "This is very incredible!" Alexander was excited.

     "Adam is a lucky man," Alice smiled.

     "We have to find out what is it," he said.

     "We should probably wait until night falls, when they are not digging. That way the paparazzi won't surround us," Alpha suggested.

     "At night?" Alice asked.

     "Yes, at night," said Alexander.

     Alice nodded. "Ok, I'll call Adam to ask if we could see it without being surrounded."

     "Good idea," said Alpha.

     Alice picked up the earphone to contact Adam. She waited until he answered, "Hello."

     "Hey Adam, it is Alice. How does it feel to be famous today?" she asked.

     "It was crazier than I expected," said Adam. "A lot of reporters for newspapers and magazines were constantly interviewing me and haven't got a rest all day! Finally they let me have dinner for a little while."

     "My adoptive son, his friend, and I were wondering if you can let us see the artifact tonight without a lot of people seeing us."

     "Well, there are a few people continuing to dig around the excavation site and there a bunch of reporters still want to interview me. I will call you later tonight if the diggers and the others go away for the night. Why do you want to see it without a lot of people around?"

     Alice came up with a good lie and said, "Because Alex is shy when there is a vast majority of people around."

     "That is very understandable," said Adam. "I will call you when things settle out."


     Later that night, Alexander, Alice, and Alpha headed to Adam's plantation now an excavation site. They looked around to see if the scientists and reporters were still around, but there weren't. There was a large metal fence that was build around the site to prevent any intruders from breaking in or trespassing. Alice knocked on the door of the house and Adam answered.

     "Greetings, dear friend," Adam greeted.

     "Greetings Adam," Alice smiled. "We are so glad that to be here."

     "At least I can still relax before any scientists and reporters come to see me tomorrow," he said. Then he turned to Alexander and said, "So this is your adoptive son Alexander?"

     "Yes I am," Alexander answered and took out his hand to shake Adam's hand. "It is good to meet you."

     "It is good to meet you too," said Adam. "My, look at those blue eyes you have and that pure white hair you have."

     "Excuse me," said Alpha. "Is it just me, or is your friend Adam using a children's book called The Little Red Riding Hood as a reference to what he is saying to Alexander?"

     Adam's eyes were wide open with surprise to see a floating monitor. He couldn't believe that Alpha could talk to Humans and Alexander very frequently.

     "Alice! What is that?" Adam surprised.

     "We forgot to introduce you to him," said Alexander. "This is our friend Alpha."

     "Is he some kind of prototype?" Adam asked as he was examining the floating monitor.

     "I am not a prototype," said Alpha. "I am a Spacer monitor created by Alexander's father before the mass extinction cause by a Titan supercomputer software."

     Adam felt like his night was going to get more stranger as he met Alexander and Alpha. He saw Alexander as not an ordinary human with ocean blue eyes and snow white hair. He saw Alpha as a floating encyclopedia that could talk like everyone else. At the same time he felt amazed and spooked by this situation. They sat down at his chairs in his living room and told Adam about what was really going on.

     "I really don't understand," Adam was confused. "Alice, how did you find this boy?"

     "I rescued him when the Helbots invaded the planet. We had spent years trying to find out what he is since his mother and Cobain uncle were killed," said Alice.

     "What are you?" Adam asked Alexander.

     Alexander said, "We can explain to you when we go check out this artifact."

     Adam waving his hand. "I am wondering if the artifact had something to do with what we are talking about."

     Alexander said, "Let's go see what that is."

    As they were heading to the back door of the living room, Adam said to Alpha, "I really don't know what you are."

     "My codename is Alpha. I am the Spacer's monitor," said Alpha. "My function was to share information about any topic that is stored into my data base."

     "Well, it is an honor to meet you Alpha," Adam took out his hand.

     Alpha looked at his hand and asked, "What are you doing?"

     "I want to give you a handshake," said Adam. "You take your hand out, hold each others hand and shake."

     Alpha took out his hand and they shook each other's hands up and down for about five seconds. Alexander and Alice found it entertaining. Alpha found it kind of strange because the Spacers don't really shake each others hands. But he liked it.

     They all left the house to investigate the artifact. As they got to the site, their mouths dropped with amazement. The digging crews had been busy today, and it was fully uncovered.

    The artifact was about the size of a medium-sized square house. It looked like a silver pyramid with a short metal pipe on top. On the short metal pipe was the giant diamond that Adam first dug up.

     "That is fascinating! You found a maintenance control compartment of the Spacers' gate," said Alpha.

     "What is a gate?" Adam asked Alpha.

     "A gate is an artificial portal to takes ships to various places in the galaxy," said Alpha. "This control system was used to open, close, and repair a gate close by."

     "Where would the gate be?" asked Alice. "And what would it look like?"

     "This gate would be orbiting around the planet," said Alpha. "It would look like a large platform with half a ring at the middle."

     "But there is no ring portal orbiting this planet," said Adam. "Or is there?"

     "We must check it out by using the index or a maintenance key to turn on the system," said Alpha pointing to Alexander's index.

     Alexander was excited to see another Spacer artifact. As he learned that this was a gate, he wondered where it went to. He also thought about how many people would use it to travel across space. Not many people would have to spend a lot time waiting to get to their location if they use it.

     He took the Index off of his neck and walked up to the controls. He looked about a wall to find where he could place the index to turn on the power. Then he found a blue gem that looked the same as the one in the Index. His Index started to glow blue and touched the gem on the wall. When he did that, a large holographic screen popped up and the diamond on top grew as well. The screen showed a map of Purelif's surface.

     "Great work!" Alpha congratulated Alexander.

     Alpha came up to the holographic screen and typed on the screen like a touch screen ipod. The map showed red marks that looked like puzzle pieces and where they were relative to their location.

    Alpha said, "Those structures you see on the map are fragments of the gate."

     "Can it be fixed?" Adam asked.

     "Certainly," Alpha nodded. "We need to put those fragments together to complete the portal."

     Then Alexander thought about Seiton. Seiton was still in the Spacer network trying to find and kill him. Trying to fix up the gate brought fear into him. If they fix up the gate, Seiton would come after him.

     Alexander asked as he was started to get worried, "Alpha, where does this gate go to?"

     Alpha looked at the screen and said, "This gate would take you to Planet Pandora."

     Alexander raised his eyebrows. "That is where Seiton is! We can't fix up this gate! If we do, Seiton will have the ability to travel through that gate and kill us all!"

     Alice's eyes were wide opened when Alexander warned Alpha. "Alex is right! We got to shut that off!"

     He grabbed the Index and shut down the maintenance control as fast as possible.

     "Is Seiton that Titan general who killed all of the Spacers?" Adam asked Alexander.

     "Yes!" Alexander was worried. "He is still in Pandora waiting for someone to get near him. We don't know where Pandora actually is. But if we do, we've got to stay away from that world! He is in their network and he could strike if we turn on any Spacer ship or building!"

     "Alex is right!" Alice agreed. "Adam, you can't tell anyone about what this structure is. No would knows how to activate it since he has the Index. If someone fixes up that gate, all hell would break loose. No one should come and kill him!"

     "You have my word!" Adam was scared. "I don't want anyone to die either! But a lot of scientists want to find out about it."

     "As long as Alex and Alpha have the Index, they can't find out," said Alice. "Trust me!"

     "I trust you!" Adam nodded nervously.

     "Promise you don't tell everyone about this," said Alice.

     "I promise!" he promised.

     Alexander, Alice, and Alpha went back home after Adam promised them not to tell the scientists about the control system and the Index. Alexander hoped that they never fix and open the gate. The gate was a gateway to hell. He brushed his teeth, got dressed for bed, took out his diary, and started writing.

"Dear Diary,

     Alice has a friend named Adam who owned a sugar plantation just a few miles from our house. He was going to plant his crops until he found a part of an artifact buried underground. He called his friends about this and news reporters and scientists came to investigate. They decided to make his plantation a dig site. They spend all day digging up the artifact and the whole structure is fully exposed. Alice, Alpha, and I went to investigate tonight and discovered that this structure was a maintenance control system for an artificial portal called the gate. Alpha and I looked to see where it goes to and found that it goes to Pandora, the Spacers' home world and where Seiton is waiting for me. I know that Seiton wants me dead because I am the only one with the last half of Spacer DNA. I feared that if the gate here is fixed up and opened, then Seiton may have the ability to travel through the portal and kill me and my loved ones. The gate should not be opened! As long and I have the Index with me, no one can figure out how to activate the maintenance control system, fix up the gate, and open it. He shall not hunt me down!"
Hybrid, Chapter 29: Adam's Discovery
This next chapter is about Alice's friend Adam discovered a Spacer artifact that makes Alexander concerned because of the fear of coming face to face with Seiton. I hope you enjoy it!The preview image was drawn by 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 Check her gallery if you want to. 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0.deviantart.…
Chapter 29:Reading


Brendan Clement
United States
Hey everyone! I am Brendan also known as Bclement117. I am a science fiction writer writing my own science fiction novel called Hybrid. I have been working on this story for such a long time. I have been bringing this story to life by writing it and posting these chapters to this website. After I finish writing this book, I will publish it and write more books in this series. This is for all you fans that love sci fi and fantasy. Please feel free to read the first chapters of my novel. I am open to any comments and suggestions! Enjoy!

Favourite genre of music: Rock
     I am a big fan of both Star Wars and Starcraft. I know a lot about Darth Vader and Sarah Kerrigan. But I am not sure who would win.

     Darth Vader was once a Jedi until he turned into the dark side in episode 3. He had a bad fight with Obiwan and burned to near death. His master Palpatine rebuild his body and Vader had become a cyborg with the force. He is born with the high level of the force and can move, break, and change anything with the force. He uses the force for lightning strikes, pushing, leaping, ripping people or objects apart, and choke people. He has a red lightsaber to slice anything.

     Sarah Kerrigan was a psychic experimental human that was a ghost soldier in Starcraft. She was captured by the Zerg and was turned into the Queen of Blades. She has super speed, leap high, lightning strikes, claws and wings to tear apart anything, destroy anyone's brain with her mind, use Psionic Storm, Psionic Blast, use telekinesis to move and destroy any object, and regenerate her limbs and wings.

     I want to write a death battle fanfiction of Sarah Kerrigan fighting Darth Vader. I really want to know from you guys who would win. Who would win in this fight and why?


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