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Hand Element: Channel Lightning by tvlookplay

That is EPIC!!!!!!! I really liked how the lightning was coming out of his hand as if he is Zeus, the king of the Gods. He is showing h...


Chapter 14:
Alexander meets Alpha

    Alexander and Alice entered the archaeology lab with Tunasala. There were tables with computers and simulators analyzing each specimen. Scientists and graduate students wore lab suits and carried tools for examination. The shelves filled with different computers and sets of lab equipment used for many purposes. He was amazed to see how scientists studied about alien artifacts.  

    The bald headed Professor Oldman came up to greet them, "Hello, I am professor Oldman from Cambridge University."

    "It is nice to meet you. I am Alice McAuliffe and this is Alexander," said Alice.

    "It seems that he's interested in archeology," Professor Oldman said. "It is a great field!"

    "It sure is! What do you know about the artifacts found from the unknown ship?" asked Alexander.

    "So far, we think the artifacts were the same kind that we found on Mars," said Professor Oldman.

    "Maybe I can figure out why they disappeared," said Alexander.

    "They may have moved to another galaxy to establish a better empire," Professor Oldman said.

    "Well, can I see what you're examining?" asked Alexander.

    "Sure, Tunasala and my other students will show them to you," said Professor Oldman.

    Tunasala was cleaning a set of rusted jewelry under the hood. They sprayed them with vinegar and used a sponge for scrubbing. Then they blow dried the artifacts and took them out of the hood. The jewelry came out of the hood clean.

   Alexander looked at them and said, "They almost looked like the ones that are on display."

   "They do! And they were from that spaceship that we recently discovered," she said.

    "Have they discovered some ships on Mars?" he asked.

    "Only scraps. This ship is unique because it is well intact," she said.

    "That's incredible!" he smiled.

    He looked a necklace. It used to be in a shape of two golden hands holding a deep blue diamond. The two golden hands were split in half with the diamond shattered into pieces.

    "What is it Alex?" asked Alice.

    "That shattered necklace is the same as my amulet," whispered Alexander.

    Alice looked at the shattered necklace and whispered with surprise, "No way!"

    "What is going to happen now?" asked Alexander.

    "Let's find out," said Alice.

    Alexander watched as a student used a computer to try recreating a weapon, which crumbled into a pile of scrap metals. The student tried to find out what it may have looked and its function. Alexander knew that weapon used to be a rifle based on the handle.

    A couple of students wearing purple gloves put pinches of powder on the artifacts. Then they brushed the powder off and placed them under an electronic scanner. The results appeared on the computer screen and found fingerprints of the Spacers. Each fingerprint had a pattern of two whirlpools swirling next to each other.

    Tunasala took out a large metal box. The golden box had gems on each side. A heart-shaped red diamond was on top of the box. She carefully tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. Alexander looked at it and said, "Maybe you need to push the heart."

    Tunasala thought about that for a moment. She pushed it and the box opened. She and Professor Oldman carefully took out the contents. Alexander's eyes froze as he saw the first item, the same type of robe his mother wore. They hung the robe on a hanger and sealed it in a closet.

    Tunasala looked in the metal box again and found a strange object. This artifact resembled an old fashion computer monitor. They placed the object under the hood to clean and dry. Then the object was analyzed on the computer.

    "This looked like some kind of television," Tunasala said.

    "It does look like a monitor of a 1991 Mac computer," added Professor Oldman.

    "It does not look like the artifacts they found on Mars," she said. "Maybe it was hooked into the ship's network."

    "Last week, I checked with the other scientists and they didn't find more of that particular artifact," said Professor Oldman.

    Alexander looked and stepped closer to the artifact. But then his amulet started to glow through his red t-shirt. He looked at his shirt and covered it with his hand. Professor Oldman and Tunasala froze as if a ghost was here.

    "What was that?" asked Tunasala with her Tunain eyes wide open.

    "Ah, a heart monitor," Alexander lied.

    "He was born with a heart condition and Dr. Veelet implanted a special device to keep his heart stable," Alice added.

    "Heart monitors and pace makers don't glow through your body," said Professor Oldman.

    Alexander took a couple steps back and his amulet stopped glowing. He thought if he gets closer to that artifact, his amulet glows. Why?

    "I don't know why it glowed?" said Alexander.

    "What are you wearing under your shirt?" asked Tunasala knowing that it couldn't be a heart monitor.

    Alexander took a deep breath and revealed his amulet. They froze in shock and surprise. They could not close their eyes shut when they saw the ancient amulet that should had stayed in the museum since it belonged to the Spacers.

    "Alexander!" shouted Tunasala. "Put it back on the table!"

    "It is mine, my mother gave it to me!" shouted Alexander. "I did not take it!"

    Tunasala looked at the checklist to see how many amulets they had found and examined. She looked at the table and saw another amulet and a shattered one. She then looked at Alexander and asked with surprise, "Where did you get it?"

    "My mother gave it to me. I don't know how she got it," said Alexander.

    "Ms. McAuliffe, do you know he had that amulet?" asked Professor Oldman.

    "Yes. It is the only thing that he has that was from his mother," said Alice.

    "What happened to his mother?" asked Professor Oldman.

    "She died when the Helbots took over my planet," said Alexander.

    "Where were you from?" asked Professor Oldman.

    "I came from Chartorla," said Alexander. "I do not know how my mother and I got there and why."

    "You do not know about yourself?" asked Tunasala with confusion.

    "That is right. My mother never told me and I do not know why she never told me," said Alexander.

    "What about your father?" asked Professor Oldman.

    "I never knew my father," said Alexander sadly.

    "Dr. Veelet and Dr. Marshall examined him and according to his DNA he is a hybrid," said Alice.

    "A hybrid of what?" asked Tunasala.

    "That is why I am here to find out," Alexander said.

    "What would happen if his amulet gets closer to the artifact?" Tunasala asked her professor.

    "Only one way to find out," said Professor Oldman.

    Alexander took a couple of little steps closer to the artifact. His amulet glowed again and his heart throbbed as he got closer. He did not know what was going to happen if he touches the artifact. Would it be something like a Jack in the Box?

    He took out his amulet and had it face toward the screen of the artifact. He went closer enough for the diamond part of his amulet to touch the screen of the artifact. Then Alice took out her pistol and aimed it at the thing.

    "You brought a gun to the lab?!" Professor jumped.

    "Hey, I don't want anything about to harm Alex!" shouted Alice.

    The thing started to vibrate. Then it swirled around until a couple of mechanical arms popped out from the sides. The thing hovered over the table still shaking like it wanted to destroy something. Alexander ran behind Alice and the others as she aimed at it. The security alarm was at the other side of the room. But they would have to get there to call for help. After it stopped shaking, it banged itself probably to adjust itself.

    It saw Alice and spoke, "Please, put down that weapon. I am not here to hurt you."

    Alice lowered her pistol down and Professor Oldman asked in fear, "W-W-Who are you?"

    "My codename is Alpha," it said trying to move his rusty arms around.

    "Do you need oil?" Tunasala asked nervously.

    "Anything that would get these arms to move again," said Alpha. He was irritated by the rust and he took that out on everyone. Tunasala grabbed a bottle of oil and slowly handed it to him. Alpha squeezed the oil out of the bottle into the joints of his arms. He moved his arms around and did a little dance of relief.

    "Are you a Spacer?" asked Alice.

    "No, I am a Spacer monitor," said Alpha. "Now, Where is my master?"

    "Your master?" asked Alice.

    "No one knows my master? Where is my master? Where am I?" Alpha asked a bunch of questions.

    "I don't know your master, but I can tell you where you are," said Professor Oldman. "You are in a museum on a planet called Purelif."

    "What am I doing here?! I'm supposed to be on Pandora!" Alpha was surprised. "My master is going to be so mad!"

    "Pandora?" asked Alice.

    "No one knows where that is?!" asked Alpha in distress. "I am going to be in big trouble!"

    Alexander thought maybe Alpha could help him. Alexander stepped toward Alpha and asked, "Who is your master?"

    Then Alpha paused and looked at him as if he found his lost dog for so many years. He took a good look at the boy and said, "Hold still." He held the boy's shoulders and a blue ray from his screen scanned his body. After the scanning, he analyzed the results from his digital storage and was stunned.

    "No, it can't be!" Alpha gasped with surprised.

    "What?" Alexander asked.

    "You are my master's eleven year old son!"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "You were not born yet the last time he put me to sleep for so many years! He had me sleeping for eleven years?!"

    "Do you know who I am?!"

    "I scanned your body and got all the information about you. Your name is Alexander, just what your parents were going to call you."

    "My parents? How do you know them?"

    "Your parents never told you about me?! Good grief! Don't they love me? Your parents are here, right?"

    Alexander paused and thought about his mother. She never told him of his father or Alpha. He may be eleven years old, but it seemed as if Alpha slept more than that. Alpha had been with his family. The boy's head spun with more confusion as much as the monitor. Many horrible things had happened to his mother and it was best to let Alpha know.

    He looked at Alpha and said sadly, "My mother’s dead."

    Alpha shook with shock and gasped, "What?! No! That can't be! What about your father?"

    "I don't know my father."

    "What?! You don't know your father?!"

    "I never met my father at all and my mother never told me about him or myself."

    "You don't really know what you are?!"

    "If you knew my mother, what was her name? Can you remember?"

    "Well I course I know your mother's name! Your mother was a Human named Helen."

    "Did you know I am a hybrid?"

    "You were going to be one when your mother was pregnant with you. All your biological information is now stored in my memory chip."

    "I don't understand why she never told me? I have been waiting a long time to figure out what I am."

    "Well, now you have! You should be proud of that!"

    "What about my dead mother?"

    "I don't understand why she would never told you. Haven't you been living with the Spacers?"

    "I never met the Spacers!"

    "What?! This shocks me!"

    Tunasala and Professor just stood in shock as they witnessed the awakening of an ancient artificial intelligent. Alice bravely joined into the conversation, "No one has seen the Spacers before."

    Alpha turned to Alice and said, "What?! This galaxy is home to billions of Spacers. How can you not have met them?"

    "We never seen them alive before, but we have their remains," said Professor Oldman.

    "Remains?" asked Alpha.

    "We discovered ruins of these cities and ships that belonged to those people," said Professor Oldman.

    "Where are the Spacers?" Alpha asked with desperation.

    "We don't know," said Alice.

    "How can they not be here?! What going on?" Alpha kept asking.

    Alpha stopped and took a moment to relax. Then Alexander came up to Alpha and said, "I am more confused as you are. I needed to know why I am a hybrid and what happened to the Spacers. First off, what can you tell me about my mother's amulet?"

    Alpha explained, "That is the Spacer's index. Every wealthy Spacer wears that so that they could enter special facilities in Spacer cities. Each index has information about a specific person. Also, they can use it to activate any machinery and vehicle," said Alpha.

    "It also had a defensive mechanism," added Alexander.

    "Very good, how did you about that?" Alpha asked.

    "I just discovered it when Alice and I were being attacked by the choppers on Mount Kobe," said Alexander.

    "Now, you learned more about the index," said Alpha.

    "Alright then, what do the Spacers look like?" Alexander asked.

    Alpha projected from his blue screen a holographic image of a Spacer. He explained, "The Spacers had pale skin and really long white hair; the colors of their eyes were blue; had very muscular and athletic bodies; had blue blood in their circulatory system; their anatomy was more complex than any other race."

    "Incredible!" Tunasala smiled. "But, do you know how long you were asleep?"

    "I have no idea," said Alpha.

    Professor Oldman went to the carbon simulator and said, "I just got the radiometric dating results from the carbon simulator. It turned out the Paradise ship was shut down for Two thousand eight hundred and forty four years."

    "Two thousand eight hundred and forty four years? There is no way that I was sleeping that long!" Alpha spun.

    "Why were you put to sleep?" Alexander asked.

    "Well, your father put me to sleep so I could be recharged," said Alpha.

    "There must have been something terrible you had slept through," said Alice.

    Alexander hesitated for moment. Alpha slept two thousand eight hundred and forty four years ago. Alexander was born eleven years ago. This didn't make sense to him. How's that possible?

    "I was born eleven years ago! How can he know my mother two thousand eight hundred and forty four years ago and before I was born?" Alexander was very confused.

    "I am confused too! This seems very impossible," said Alpha.

    "How are we going to figure this out?" asked Alexander.

    "I have no idea! But as least you know what you really are," Alpha tried to look at the bright side.

    Alpha could be the key to understanding his mother better and find out why she never told him he was a hybrid. He now wanted to know why be born on the Cobains' home world instead of the Spacer's.

    "We want you to stay here and teach us more about the Spacers," said Professor Oldman.

    "I would provide you with information about the Spacers and other topics relating to the Universe," said Alpha. "I also would like to know everything what had happened throughout these two thousand eight hundred and forty four years. You and other primitive beings have evolve technology wise. You seem to be living peacefully as well. Once, we provide each other with information, I would love to accompany Alexander and his guardian."

    "Thank you so much," Professor Oldman smiled as his heart pounds with excitement. "Let me get my computer pad ready for the downloads. Tunasala, you must join me for note taking."

    "When will we see you again?" Alexander asked before he and Alice headed out of the lab.

    "Oh don't worry," said Alpha. "Copying and downloading my data library would take 12 hours, 45 minutes, and 30 seconds. Processing recent data would only take an estimate of 2 hours give or take."

    "So we may see you tomorrow afternoon?" asked Alice.

    "Pretty much," said Alpha.

    Alice took Alexander home after meeting that strange floating Spacer monitor. Alexander thought it would be interesting having a floating Spacer monitor around. He'll sure keep the boy company since he didn't had any siblings. And be a good source for understanding Alexander's family and the Spacers.

    Later that night, Alexander began writing his diary:

"Dear Diary:

    Today was the most exciting moment of my life! I went back to the museum to see if I am a Martian/Human hybrid. Based on my ability to read their language, they were called Spacers. Tunasala and Professor Oldman let me into the archaeology lab and they were examining artifacts found from a Spacer ship. One of those artifacts became my new best friend! I touched this strange artifact with my mother's amulet and it came to life. It turned out about to be a monitor named Alpha. Alpha knew about my family two thousand eight hundred and forty four years and I was born eleven years ago. To me, it makes no sense at all! He even told me that I am a Human/Spacer hybrid. I really did not understand why my mother never told me about me being a hybrid or the Spacers. I don't understand why the Spacers are gone and/or why I was born as a hybrid. I need to know about my family so I can find out about my future. He can help me find about my family. Once I find about my family's past and the Spacers, I need to know what will happen to me later on the future. To me, learning about what I am was only the beginning!"
Hybrid, Chapter 22: Alexander meets Alpha
This is the most exciting chapter I have ever written! Alexander gets the truth for a Spacer Monitor named Alpha! Alpha is another important character in my hybrid novel. Enjoy!The preview image was drawn by 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 Check her gallery if you want to. 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0.deviantart.…
Chapter 22:Reading

Looking for artists

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Hey guys,

     I am looking for well experienced painter, digital artist, or drawer to please make my characters come to life. I can pay with points. If you read Hybrid or interested in reading, please feel free to contact me and I will give you a description of what my characters would look like. Thanks!

Hey guys,

     I am looking for well experienced painter, digital artist, or drawer to please make my characters come to life. I can pay with points. If you read Hybrid or interested in reading, please feel free to contact me and I will give you a description of what my characters would look like. Thanks!
Chapter 14:
Chase in the Newborn Star

    Helen’s Bravery was in the ocean searching for the Titan Relay. They came upon what looked like a seamount. Yuya scanned around to detect any Helbot lurking either in or above the water. The radar showed pods of reptile-like whales swimming by the seamount. The ship hovered over it.

    “This seamount has the relay inside,” said Alpha as he scanned it.

    “Do you know if it is functional?” Alexander asked.

    “If it took us here, then it has to,” said Aoife.

    “Then let’s go down there,” said Alexander. “No we just need a way inside.”

    “There is a tunnel at the base of the seamount,” said Alpha. “You would have to crawl through in to activate the relay.”

    Alexander planned it out, “I would just need a few people to help me out then. Yuya, I would need you with the reactor. Alpha, I totally need you as obvious.”

    “I want to come with you too,” said Vyla. “Hortor and I would be more useful since we are Aquatics.”

    Hortor raised his eyebrows, “Wait a second, he did hire us yet! Plus, I am the one who commands us.”

    “If you too want to join us to the relay, I would like that,” said Alexander.

    “See Hortor,” Vyla smiled. “I knew he would pick us.”

    “Just hope that we don’t get killed,” Hortor warned her.

    “I will stay here and look after your forces,” said General Floundo.

    “Thanks sir,” said Alexander as his group leaves the bridge.

    Alexander got his starsuit back on while his team puts on their gear. As they reached the hanger, the hanger door lowered down from the floor. Then water leaked over the door as his team got on it. Vyla and Hortor didn’t put on their apparatus since they would be going underwater. Yuya on the other hand had to wear a battlesuit with a scuba gear on his back.

    “Gods my gills needed fresh water,” said Vyla feeling relieved as the water level was at their waist.

    Yuya shook nervously, “Those whale things better not eat us.”

    Alexander puts his hand on Yuya shoulder, “Last time I seen massive sea creatures underwater, there didn’t want to eat me because I was too small of a prey.”

    Yuya breathed with relief, “That makes me feel better.”

    As they got underwater, Alexander stepped off the hanger door and slowly sank down. Alpha followed him. He landed on the seamount as if he was Neil Armstrong taking his first step on the moon. His feet then sand into muddy black sand. He looked and Yuya struggled to swim down to the seamount as he wiggled his tank around. Vyla swim like a ballerina as Hortor followed her.

    As they got to the top, Yuya looked and whale-like creature with the head of a chameleon took a sniff of the nose of Helens Bravery and it swam away like a cat. Alexander looked down to see if any monstrous creatures were crawling after them. As it looked clear, Alexander steps off a cliff and his team follow him.

    “Alpha, we are half down to the base,” said Alexander. “Any Helbot movement?”

    “No Alexander,” said Alpha. “They seemed to disappear all of the sudden when we got there.”

    “We will get that relay ready,” said Alexander. “By then, the Helbots will not know we are here.”

    Ten minutes later, they made to the base of the seamount. Alexander took out his solar rifle and aimed around in case any giant crabs or lobsters would attack. They see the cave to the relay. Alexander entered in the cave and Vyla followed him with the trident in her hand.

    “You seemed to love being down under,” said Vyla.

    Alexander chuckled, “Sometimes it is like that.”

    He turned on his night vision as they ventured deep into the cave. This seemed too quiet for them to get into the relay and escape. Alexander aimed his rifle around before entering the chamber. As he stepped out, he found a pile of rocks next to the relay platform. He picked up a boulder and put it to the side carefully so he would not cave them in. Hortor and Vyla hovered over the platform with amazed.

    He got the pile out of the way as he unburied the reactor. But it was ruptured by the collapse of a wall. It looked like a giant can that got ripped open in a split. He looked inside and there was nothing inside. Yuya found the control for the reactor and it was crumbled up.

    Alpha scanned at the reactor and said, “This reactor could not be repaired.”

    “Is this the same relay that got us to this planet?” Alexander asked feeling shocked.

    “Apparently, this relay could only be used for a one way trip since there is still power in the relay,” said Alpha.

    “Damn it!” Alexander shouted. “We got to get this relay fixed before the Helbots come back!”

    Yuya suggested, “Why don’t we use the ship’s reactors to power up the relay.”

    Alexander thought about it and asked, “Alpha, could that work?”

    “If we insert the reactors to where we have to on the relay, yes,” said Alpha.

    “Alright, get head back to the ship guys!” Alexander called to his team and headed out of the chamber.

    As he got out of the cave, he looked around for any Helbot or creature. His team did the same thing. He leaped on the slope of the seamount. Yuya struggled to swim up since he wasn’t good at swimming. Vyla grabbed his tank and pulled him up. Alexander looked up at the hanger door and crunched down as he judged the distance to that door. Then he sprang up like a giant spring. He grabbed a hold of the edge of the door and pulled himself up. His team below him cheered for him. Alpha hovered toward him to congratulate him. He waited as Hortor swam up and Vyla helped got Yuya up to the hanger door.

    “Thanks Vyla,” said Yuya as they were heading back to the hanger.

    “Don’t worry about it,” said Vyla. “You should probably practice scuba diving more often.”

    “More often, we are in space,” said Yuya.

    The hanger door was then sealed. Alexander noticed that the Aquamaids were filling tanks of seawater and putting their apparatus in them. Aoife and Howie waited with concern seeing that they did not open the rift from the relay. Yuya took off his scuba tank and rolled his arms around.

    “Any luck Alex?” Aoife asked.

    “No Aoife,” said Alexander as he took his starsuit off. “Alpha and I think we should hook our reactors to the relay since that reactor was destroyed.”

    Then an alarm buzzed all over the hanger. Alexander sprinted to the bridge knowing that the Helbots found them. David and Boudicca looked at the radar showing a fleet detected above them. Alexander rushed up to check out the situation. The marines and Cobains were on the controls thinking they were heading to battle.

    “David, what is going on?” Alexander asked. “Did the Helbots find us?”

    David had Alexander looked at the radar, “We have seven ships hovering above the planet atmosphere at our location. We are not sure if they are Helbot ships or not.”

    Alexander turned as Alpha was behind him, “Alpha link into our network and see if you could identify those ships.”

    Alpha inserted his fingers into the radar system and they waited two minutes for him to finish scanning. He said nervously, “Alexander, those are Spacer ships.”

    Alexander thought, oh no.

    “Alex, what do we do?” David asked knowing that the Spacers were helping the Helbots.

    Alexander remembered the last time they saw them; Cahan destroyed Colonel Chan’s fleet and blamed him for their destruction. They couldn’t stay on the planet for long. The relay couldn’t take them back home as it was a wreck. If they try to fight back, the Spacers would surround his ship and destroy it. Aoife and the others joined in the bridge.

    “Alpha, have they detected us yet?” Alexander asked.

    “Not yet,” said Alpha.

    “Then let’s stay submerged and travel back to the other side of the planet,” said Alexander. “Then we launch ourselves back into Space and head to another planet undetected.”

    “Too late, they detected us!” Aoife shouted as the radar blare another alarm. “And they’re diving down.”

    “Quick Boudicca, maneuver our ship out of here!” Alexander shouted.

    Helen’s Bravery propels from the seamount as Cahan’s fleet splashed down into the water. One ship against a fleet was an impossible match for a battle. The ships propelled like sharks down along the ranges of the seamounts as they chased the ship.

    Cahan watched through the window and chuckled. “Look at this, Alexander decides to flee as we found him. He doesn’t have the courage to face us.”

    He turned to his crew and said, “Fire a few warning shots.”

    Cahan’s ship fired red lasers around Helen’s Bravery, not trying to hit it yet. Two Spacer ships rushed up to the ship in hopes of crushing it. Alexander’s heart throbbed as they were gaining on him.

    Alexander shouted, “Stop this ship!”

    Helen’s Bravery came to a stop and the ships passed him and banged against each other. The ship then made a U-turn and flew passed the rest of Cahan’s fleet.

    Alexander looked at the radar and said, “Ok, we have passed them. This is our chance to launch ourselves out of the water.”

    Boudicca shouted, “Hang on everyone!”

    Helen’s Bravery moved up towards the surface and splashed out like Old Faithful. It flew through the atmosphere and entered the planet’s orbit. Alpha scanned around to see if any Helbots were also in orbit. Only Cahan’s fleet came.

    “We need to find a way to escape from those guys,” said David.

    “I got to think!” Alexander shouted. “Do any of you have ideas?!”

    Just before he could think, Cahan’s fleet returned and surrounded Helen’s Bravery. Alexander stood still as if he robbed a bank and got caught by the police. He could literally feel his hands up in the air. Everyone stopped what they were doing not sure what was going to happen next.

    Then the communication panel rang and a screen appeared on the window of the bridge. It was Cahan himself. He fiddled his fingers around as he glared upon Alexander. He said, “Hello Alexander, we meet again.”

    Alexander didn’t answer as he was scared out of his own wits. His face was sweating and he could barely breathe. Cahan crossed his arms, “Are you going to be that rude and not answer me?!”

    “Um,” said Alexander. “Cahan if that is what you are named. What are you doing here?”

    “You know why I am here,” said Cahan.

    “Of course,” said Alexander. “To destroy my ship!”

    “Yes!” Cahan clutched his fists. “You shouldn’t have survived my first attack.”

    Alexander pointed his finger toward him, “You attacked us because you think we nearly wiped out your race. We did not do that!”

    “Stop lying to us!” Cahan snarled. “You didn’t try to wipe out our race. Look at you, having your father’s eyes and hair. I wonder what skills you have against me. As far as I know, you have none!”

    “Shut up and listen to me!” Alexander snapped as he got angry instead of afraid. “Seiton became an A.I. and turned your technology against you. These primitives and I did not do that thousands of years ago. Besides, I was not alive when that happened.”

     “You were alive then,” said Cahan as he chose not to listen to him. “Fabocusa raised you and you used what he taught you to take advantage of us.”

    Alexander clutched his fist and turned to his pilot. He whispered, “Let me take over the flying for now.”

    Boudicca quickly got off her station as she couldn’t take her eyes off Cahan. Vyla cornered herself while Hortor and General Floundo shielded her. Aoife held tightly to her pistol in the back of her pants. Howie dared not to let go of his shotgun. Alexander slid onto Boudicca’s station slowly.

    He said, “I don’t know who you really are, but here is what I am going to tell you. These primitives all over the galaxy didn’t have the advance technology by the time you got attack by Seiton thousands of years ago.”

    “Who is Seiton?” Cahan asked.

    Alexander felt shocked that he had never heard of that Titan turned A.I. who wiped out majority of the Spacers by using their network as a weapon. He learned that the Spacers were raising the primitives to advance their technology. That way when Seiton and the Titans returned, everyone in the galaxy would be ready. But somehow, Cahan’s Spacers don’t know who he was.

    “How can you not know him?” Alexander looked at him as if he was not being smart. “Seiton is the Titan that turned your technology against you to extinction. Then he used your last bits to create the Helbots.”

    “I am telling you to quit lying, you abomination!” Cahan gritted his teeth. “Three thousand years ago, the primitives got a hold of our technology and immediately invaded our worlds. They turned our technology against us. This all started because you were born from Helen!”

    “I did not cause this!” Alexander screamed.

    “YES YOU DID!” Cahan jumped off his seat and roared. He caught and sighed. “So, I have enough seeing your face. You have been leading these things to take over the galaxy. You escaped my first attack. And yet you have returned with a new ship and crew. Shame on you. Now, we have surrounded you and have nowhere else to hide. Say good-bye.”

    “Good-bye,” Alexander snarled and hits the ship’s accelerator.

    Helen’s Bravery zoomed towards Cahan’s ship. Their noses nearly touched each other. Alexander’s crew grabbed a hold of the wall and ceiling as Helen’s Bravery tilted at a right angle. The ship slightly passed Cahan’s ship, leaving Cahan’s jaw dropped.

    “Don’t just stop, after them,” he snapped. “Make sure that ship blows to dust!”

    The Spacer ships made long turns to follow Helen’s Bravery. It flew out of orbit. Boudicca got back into her driving station as the chase continues. The others kept their eyes on the radar trying to know how the Spacers will attack and hoe to defend themselves. Cahan’s ships started firing rain of lasers at them.

    “Alexander, what weapons does this ship have?” General Floundo asked as the ship began to shake as it got hit.

    “This ship has only two particle railguns,” said Alpha.

    “Why not use them?!” General Floundo shouted.

    “Let me get those ready!” Tloc shouted as he typed onto the weapons panel. “I can fire them from behind.”

    “Hurry!” Alexander shouted as the ship got hit some more.

    The railguns extended out with the thrusters in between. One Spacer ship increased its accelerator and got onto Helen’s Bravery’s tail. The railguns glowed purple as they began to power up. The enemy ship fired the lasers and the railguns exploded. The explosion released bolts of lightning over the ship, making it lose its’ shield.

    “Damn it, I lost the railguns!” Tloc shouted.

    “Alexander, any suggestions now?” General Floundo asked impatiently.

    Alexander felt as if he was pacing back and forth. His ship was being bombarded by the undefeatable Spacers. He was defendless as they took down his ship’s weapons. Seven ships chasing his. Sweat drips down his face and staining his shirt. To make matters worse, a swarm of Helbot ships arrived to help the Spacers take him down.

    “Alpha, what is that?” Alexander asked as he caught a glimpse of a glowing orange cloud.

    Alpha said, “That is a star system starting to form from a nebula.”

    Alexander snapped his fingers, “We are flying through it!”

    Helen’s Bravery flew towards the nebula as the Spacers were back on their tail. They constantly fire their lasers. His ship’s wings got laser pierced through. The crew flew against the walls as compartments were getting blown up. Alexander believed they might have a chance of escaping if they enter that nebula.

    They entered the cloud and the Helbots pursue after them. Rocks flew around as they bombard against each other. An asteroid rolled up towards them and Helen’s Bravery dived down. The three Helbot ships crashed against it.

    More rocks flew towards the ship and hit the starboard side. The crew on the bridge got swung to the side and the ship rattled. More Helbot ships got onto their tail and fired at one of the thrusters. The thruster exploded, burning majority of the engineering station. Many rushed to get out of there safely into the other haul. Fireballs zoomed randomly against the asteroids creating an explosion fest.

    Molten rock splattered on Helen’s Bravery wings and fizzed like eggs on a skillet. Two fireballs head towards the ship and the Helbots were behind them. The ship made a U-turn and the fireballs blows up the Helbot ships.

    The cloud thickens as they got deeper into the nebula. This made it hard for them to see where they were going. Alpha helped by turning the screen into MRI for them to see better. Waves of rocks, fireballs, and metal kept colliding with each other and the ships. The Helbots were shooting at the charging debris as they continued to hunt Helen’s Bravery.

    A giant ball of lava hurled toward giant boulders and smashed them into shreds. The broken debris rained towards Helen’s Bravery and scratched horrendously. Then they came upon a planet full of lava. A comet the size of the moon collides and the planet exploded. Helen’s Bravery hits the brakes and took a sharp turn from the blowing planet. The blazing fire rushed up and disintegrates the other Helbot ships.

    Shards of metal and dust blown across as a dust bowel as Helen’s Bravery skidded. The Helbots were forced to pull away as the bombardment was making it difficult to chase down the ship. Even as they retreat, the debris continued to hit and destroy most of their ships.

    Helen’s Bravery kept dodging the debris. They then got closer to the nearly formed star with rocks and plasma spiraling around. The debris and the ship were starting to feel the star’s gravitational pull.

    “I got it,” Alexander shouted. “We can get out of here using the star’s gravity and flew out of this bombardment hellhole. Hit the accelerator and circle around the star!”

    The ship accelerated with two of the thrusters left and flew towards the star. The pull of the star increased the ship’s speed and managed to slingshot around it. Alexander and the crew pulled back from the force of the high speed. Alpha took control of the ship and dodged a few fireballs, asteroids, and metal. The ship got hit even more damaging and blowing up more compartments.

    Then the dust and gas cleared up and they could see other stars. The debris disappears as they finally zoomed passed the nebula. The engines of the ship shut down and the severely crippled Helen’s Bravery drifts endlessly in deep space.
Hybrid 3, Chapter 14: Chase in the Newborn Star
You guys were eager to know what was going to happen next after Seiton finds out that Alexander was still alive. This chapters shows that Cahan finds Alexander and Alexander tried to tell him that he is innocent and that Seiton was behind this. Cahan did not believe him and started attacking him again. Cahan chased Alexander towards a nebula and things are not going well for him! Enjoy!

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7:…
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9:…
Chapter 10:…
Chapter 11:…
Chapter 12: Hybrid 3, Chapter 12: Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 13: Hybrid 3, Chapter 13: Reconnect?
Chapter 14: Reading
Chapter 15: Coming Soon


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Hey everyone! I am Brendan also known as Bclement117. I am a science fiction writer writing my own science fiction novel called Hybrid. I have been working on this story for such a long time. I have been bringing this story to life by writing it and posting these chapters to this website. After I finish writing this book, I will publish it and write more books in this series. This is for all you fans that love sci fi and fantasy. Please feel free to read the first chapters of my novel. I am open to any comments and suggestions! Enjoy!

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