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Hand Element: Channel Lightning by tvlookplay

That is EPIC!!!!!!! I really liked how the lightning was coming out of his hand as if he is Zeus, the king of the Gods. He is showing h...


Brendan Clement
United States
Hey everyone! I am Brendan also known as Bclement117. I am a science fiction writer writing my own science fiction novel called Hybrid. I have been working on this story for such a long time. I have been bringing this story to life by writing it and posting these chapters to this website. After I finish writing this book, I will publish it and write more books in this series. This is for all you fans that love sci fi and fantasy. Please feel free to read the first chapters of my novel. I am open to any comments and suggestions! Enjoy!

Favourite genre of music: Rock

Why fans love Klaus?

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 16, 2014, 2:15 PM
  • Mood: Frustrated
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  • Reading: The Golden Torc
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Yo! What is up everyone?! I am waiting for season 6 of TVD to air on TV. But I am not here to talk about the upcoming season. I am here to talk about my opinion about Klaus. I have not or never will see The Originals because of Klaus. I really hate him because of ten things! 1. He is an original Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid! 2. He XXXXed Caroline and they are great friends despite of all the evil he does! 3. He kills many people and even tried to kill Elena many times! 4. He is a manipulative freak! 5. You can't kill him without killing Elena, Damon, Stefan, and all the other vampires in his bloodline! 6. He wants to rule the world and create Hybrids probably from his baby! 7. He is a very self-centered XXXhole! 8. He wants to make Tyler's life a living hell! 9. He can't be destroyed at all and the gang have to keep him alive even though he is an awful person! 10. He has many fanbases! (I might get hated for this.)

This is just my opinion on why I hate Klaus. I don't understand why people love him despite of all the ten reasons I just said. People are drawn to him as if he is Loki. I love Loki as a villain because he has a dark side and charming side as well. How come I can support Loki and not Klaus? Klaus is more evil than Loki. You can hate me for this opinion but I just wanted to get this out of my chest. If you have different opinions or if you agree with me, just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Peace!


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